XE App Redesigned

Designed specially for travellers

What if I could redesign it to suit travellers and backpackers more when it comes to complicated currency exchanges? This will serve as one of the must have tool for everyone worldwide.

Client: Personal
Services: Art Direction, UI/UX

The Project

I’ve been using XE during my travels.

The idea sparked when I find that I needed some features that wasn’t present. The UX seemed a little confusing at first, and I wanted to see if I could improve it.

UI and Interactions

What’s new?


The app colours are taken from XE logo, and balanced with neutral colours.

ATM/Money Exchange Locator

With the app, travellers can now search for the nearest ATM or currency exchange through location. Money changers will incorporate review from Google reviews as well.

The locator will show all landmarks within the 1km radius, and users will be able to save them for future use.

Currency Evaluation

With the rate evaluator, travellers will know if the exchange rate that they are getting are reasonable or not.

Customized Icons

A series of currency icons were specially designed for the app for the navigation bar.