Toyota: Who Will You Meet This CNY?

Social media campaign

This is one of the most successful and well loved campaign by Toyota where Chinese New Year personas based on Sheep year were created to encourage fans to share which one that is the most relatable to them during this festive season. The postings garnered more than 1000 shares within the first few hours.

Client: Toyota
Services: Content creation, social media, illustration


Toyota wanted a exciting social media campaign for Chinese New Year.

The campaign must meet 3 objectives, simple to execute, sharable and to gain more participation on Toyota’s Facebook page.

An insight was found that during festive seasons, there are distinctive characters that appear at every family gathering.

We took the insight and created 9 sheep characters which was the Chinese zodiac of that year. Top personalities were picked and reflected via the sheep character designs, uploaded and were shared on the Facebook page. To kickstart the campaign, 500 plushies were given out to our fans who shared their favourite sheeps.

Artboard 23
Artboard 23 copy
Artboard 23 copy 2
Artboard 23 copy 3


brand new plushie owner