Nescafe Latte

Digital content and recipe videos

4 coffee recipes were created to give consumer ideas on how to make drinking Nescafe Latte a more enjoyable experience. I art directed the recipe videos and shot photographs for social media. A microsite was also created to house the content.

Services: Art Direction, Content, Photography, Videography


Nescafe Latte has just recently launched its new flavours and were looking for new content.

Because it has many flavours, we want to show consumers that it can be customized for a more fun drinking experience.

Fun and Easy Recipes

The videos were also housed under a microsite where fans can acquire the recipes.


The recipes are shot and edited to be bite size so that it’s easily consumed by the fans and to make it sharable.

I went on a lifestyle route as it was for social media, where product is not the main focus, but its geared towards to the target market’s core value in life.

Photography for Social Media

Additional Content