MAGGI Malaysia Rebranding

Brand refresh with digital content

I refreshed the whole MAGGI® website to fit MAGGI’s new direction, which is all about homemade recipes, and helping mothers. Social media presence were also adapted to fit with the website’s new look and feel. New recipe videos were also introduced to complete the experience.

Client: MAGGI
Services: Design, Art Direction, Content, Photography, Videography


MAGGI® wants their website to be a homemade recipes powerhouse for moms.

Mothers are the main target market and there will be a need to entice mothers to use the website as a one stop shop for recipes, cooking tips, and product information.

The idea

The site is designed in a way that it appeals to moms of all ages, while retaining the MAGGI brand. The content are arranged in a way that it will lead the moms to related content all the time.

The core idea is also to use good photography and videography to complement the site.

Recipe Page

The website also houses hundreds of local recipes created by MAGGI. The challenge is to organize them in a manner that is appealing to moms. The recipe page will 2 levels of sorter derived from the data that have been gathered about moms.

If there are no sorting involved, the recipes shown will be by the most popular.

In the recipe page, it is complemented with a video recipe as well as related recipe to keep our moms on the site. Nutritional information accompanies the recipe as well.

Recipe Videos

I art directed the recipes videos to complement the website and to be used as social media content to reach out to millennial moms.