Hiroshi Kondo Education Fund Booklet

Information booklet for investors.

Hiroshi Kondo Education Fund is incepted to provide scholarship opportunities for bright students to study with The Otomotif College. I came up with ‘Finding the next big thing’ as a concept throughout the booklet to tell a story complemented with photography to the investors.

Client: The Otomotif College
Services: Art Direction, Print, Concept


The Otomotif College wanted to create a booklet to be passed to potential partners to invest in an education fund.

The booklet needs to have a concept, and is interesting enough to capture the partner’s attention.


The idea came about when I realized that when people are given an opportunity, they will strive to be the next big thing.

Not wanting to bore the potential partners, the booklet is designed to be visual based, accompanied with minimal copy. Pages are kept short as we want to go straight to the point.