Heineken Spy Hunter

Mobile app game

Spy Hunter was designed to get the guests to look for the hidden spies lurking amongst them, putting themselves as the main hunter for excitement through a mobile web app. In order to get closer to the spies, they will need to answer Heineken and James Bond related questions, and be rewarded at the end.

Client: Heineken
Services: UI / UX, Art Direction


During a special premiere of the latest Bond movie, Heineken wanted a fun little activity for their guests before the start of the movie.

We only had an hour for the activity, hence it will need to be simple to execute, yet engaging at the same time.


A mobile web app is decided where guests can just login via the web browser to eliminate any downloads or server downtime.

We set up a dedicated WiFi to ensure that the game is smooth. The guests were asked to participate when they register to kickstart the excitement the moment they step into the venue.



Instead of just waiting for the movie to start, we engaged the guests in a simple game that is related to the event.

Guest were seen heading to the cinema hall with smiling faces, and 3 of them went home with a Bond-esque gadget.