Deemples App and Branding

Never Golf Alone

To develop a young and timeless branding and app development project for Deemples.

Client: Deemples
Services: Branding, UI/UX, Art Direction

Research, and more research

The goal of Deemples is to make golf fun and accessible to everyone.

Because golf is unfamiliar to me, I did a lot research on the user behavior of golfers, as well as what other top brands do. I also spoke a lot with the founder to understand his vision for the app in a long run. Because Deemples want to make golf fun and accessible to non players, it is important to balance the brand to reach out to seasoned players and those who are just starting out.

Responsive Logo

A responsive logo is required so that it adapts to multiple screen sizes, various POSM materials and the app.


A combination of warm and cool colours to have the striking balance to all communication materials. Two gradient tones are developed to give the designs depth.



Golf icons were designed to match the communication messages in the all materials. These icons also serve as unique elements that differentiate Deemples as brand.

The App

The Deemples app seek to connect golfers in the easiest way possible. To allow them to set up games across their country and play a game wherever, and whenever.

The games created page is the landing page for all users, so that they can quickly find and skim through for games that they are interested in. Users can then click on the game to have more information. If a game is full, the Join button will be changed to invite so that we can increase usage through our users themselves.

Creating a game is simple on Deemples. The options are laid out for the user, making it a seamless process.

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game-details – 1@3x
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game-details – 2@3x