Bitcatcha Website Redesign

Website reorganization for better user experience.

Bitcatcha is a leading web hosting review site where its reviewed according to performance via its ‘server speed checker’ tool.

Client: Bitcatcha
Services: Website, UI/UX, Art Direction


The existing website houses a lot of information and articles, and it needs to be redesigned for clarity.

I was tasked to revamp the homepage and reorganize the pages so the user experience is more seamless for visitors.

Landing page

Because Bitcatcha is a content site, the landing page is designed in a way to showcase the top content of the site.

The first section of the landing page houses the site’s USP; which is a speed checker, followed by the top 3 content hub and curated top articles at the footer.

The menu is used to present top articles to users for an easier start.

Content is also redesigned for better user experience that increases the ease of readability.


This resulted in a faster website, better navigation, and easy to read content for first time users.

More users are spending more time with the articles and research findings.