A Weekend in Tilburg’s Kermis

Dubbed as the biggest kermis (fair) in the Netherlands, Tilburg Kermis lasts for a week; and it attended by various people. I’ve recently moved to Amsterdam for a new job, and it was my first time out of Amsterdam after a month! So I was really looking forward for it when Vivienne invited me. Thanks Viv!

Tilburg is located in Brabant area, and is a quaint little town which much to offer, like various cafes and buildings that stuck in time.

It was also the first time I took my camera out after arriving in the Netherlands so it was really fun finding things to shoot!

Pee in a Jar

Legend has it that back in the olden days, where textile workers brought their pee to their factory where it is used to clean and color the cloths. Hahaha much economical.

It was a really fun day where the kermis is filled with exhilarating rides, loads of games for you to win not so pretty soft toys, and plenty of activities for the young and old.

Candies, nuts and bountiful of food and drinks are available too.

Because the kermis is smacked in the middle of the city, some residents even decorated their apartments. But imagine the noise man.

My favourite part of the kermis is the section where the traditional fun fair rides are available, as most of the rides require manual labor for it to work. I’ve never worked so hard to have fun before hahaha.

Bedankt Tilburg for that fun Saturday! 😀

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