Preparing for Chinese New Year 2018

Ahhh. The time of the year again where the children of the Chong household need to get together to do a major spring cleaning to welcome the new year. Here’s a few things that was different this year compared to the last.

Mama Chong hired people to do the first major clean up     

This year, finally Mama Chong got someone to help us do all the harder tasks like cleaning the windows. My dad was the happiest cause it has been his task for many years now.

I became the cleaning ninja

Not sure what happened to me but a cleaning ninja possessed my hoarder self and I started throwing most of the stuff that I don’t need anymore. After coming back from New Zealand I realised that I can indeed live a minimalist lifestyle and not spend unnecessary money on things I don’t need.

The internet was down

Coincidentally, the internet went down and TM was nowhere to be found hence everyone was really productive hahaha. No running away from chores! Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing when it happened but we got most of the things done phew.

Don’t let anything stop you

Don’t let a silly headache or stomach upset stop you from making the preparations a smooth one!

Contest contest!

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