Wanaka: Roy’s Peak

So after Isthmus Peak, and fueling the body, it was Roy’s Peak time! Although Roy’s Peak is shorter, it was supposed to be harder as it is just constant elevation. Roy’s Peak is one of the most instagrammed hike in New Zealand, and I contributed to it as well. Located 6km away from Wanaka Town, it takes about 3 hour ascend to the look out point, and 30 minutes extra for the actual peak.

The hike started at 8am, and yes, you ascend right away. No time to rest! Roy’s Peak is closed from 1st October to 10th November every year for lambing so plan your itinerary right if you want to do this.

The hike to the top is pretty uneventful as there’s not much to see, but it was really cloudy that day hence we managed to walk through clouds. Made the hike much easier because the route was basically zig zag all the way.

Once you reached the first look out point, you will be greeted with this iconic view that makes Roy’s Peak such a famous place to be in Wanaka. It’s not hard to see why. It felt like you’re above the skies.

“Hey! That’s what I saw on Instagram!”

Almost to the peak!

One for the Instagram!

We were lucky as there were only a few people at the spot hence we got our photos pretty quickly. I’ve heard stories where you need to wait for your turn when it’s peak season. Once you got the picture, it’s time to go to the peak, which has more amazing view so don’t back off now. When you see the radio tower, it means that you are almost there.

“What, another 30 minutes?”

The view from the actual peak is even better. I just sat at the radio tower and savoured every minute of it.


Was Roy’s Peak worth it? Yes. Even if it’s overrated.

Will I do it again? No. Hahahaha.

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