8 Tips to Maximize Your Disneyland Paris Trip

When they say that you will turn into a kid in Disneyland, it’s real guys! IT’S REAL!


I had the best time of my life, in both parks. My ticket enabled me to go to Disney World (For the older kids) and Disneyland (For the younger kids) and I officially declare January 14th as the best day of my life. To get to Disneyland from Paris city, just take the RER to Maree De Valley. The park is right outside the station!

Imagine the excitement when you step into this. The buildings, the decorations, the castle. T____T

1. Strategize the Usage of MagicPass.

The MagicPass is like the FastPass in Lotte World Korea. Only available at popular rides, this piece of important paper allows you to skip the queue at the allocated ride. So plan your time well!

2. Download the Disneyland Paris Mobile App

And how do we plan efficiently? We use the mobile app!


This app is the most handy app to maximise your time here. It shows you the duration of queues, opening hours for ride, and also which rides are closed. Showtimes and parades timings are updated live as well. Imagine my sadness when I found out that some of the rides are closed even before reaching Disneyland.

3. Visit Walt Disney Studios first

Reason being, Walt Disney Studios closes at 6pm and Disneyland only closes at 10pm. Rides that I enjoyed in Walt Disney Studios were Tower of Terror, Rataouille: The Adventure, Crush Coaster, Rock and Roll Coaster, so if you can get on these first. I wished I could play Tower of Terror multiple times but no, we need to strategize ya’ll!

4. Bring own food if you want

So cute but so expensive. #poortraveller

Food is pretty expensive (Especially when it’s in Euros omg) so if you want you can pack simple food like sandwiches and biscuits, but trust me, you do not have time to eat omg hahaha. The best time to eat is actually when you’re in the queue for your rides hahaha.

5. Don’t miss the Disney Parade

I was so happy watching all the characters parading, and each of them have their own car and theme song. Everyone sang to the songs (I mumbled) and the atmosphere So much nostalgic and Disney memories came rushing in. Remember to line up earlier near the Sleeping Beauty castle to get the best view.

6. Stay for the finale

(My pictures were all ugly I need to steal from the internet hahaha)


The finale is the most epic part of the Disney experience. It completes you with the beautiful fireworks, projection mapping on the castle, and the storytelling just blows you away. I think I can watch this every night. T_______T

7. Buy Something at the Disney Store

After that amazing finale, it’s then to spend more money! I had to buy something as memory (excuses), and there’s a HUGEEEE Disney Store right outside the park. I think I spent at least an hour looking through all the stuff and ended up with a Stitch toy that is residing in my car now haha. I wanted to buy everything! T_______T

8. Remember to get the RER return ticket!

Almost everyone goes home after the finale, so you can imagine the queue at the ticketing booths. So just buy return ticket from wherever you came from and whiz through it easily. Remember not to lose your tickets yeah!

1 Disneyland done, 5 more to go. #someonegivememoremoney

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