Questions Answered: Sliq Clinic and Hyabell Filler

Helmed by Dr Steve and his friendly
nurses, it is the first lifestyle aesthetic clinic in KL. He started the
clinic 6 years ago, after obtaining a diploma in Aesthetic Medicine in the US
on top of his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). This clinic offers medical aesthetic services like laser and injectable treatments, weight management programs and also hair loss treatments.
The thing that sets Sliq Clinic apart from its competitors is that they are constantly looking for newer and safer methods in non-invasive aesthetic services to achieve the most natural result for their patients. Sliq Clinic is a medical clinic hence the procedures are approved by the Ministry of Health, and the standard is always maintained because of the rules and regulations required by the MOH. Take note that only a proper medical aesthetic doctor or a plastic surgeon is allowed to practice aesthetic in Malaysia.
Also he emphasizes on communication, hence feel free to talk to him and the team on anything that you are unsure of.
What can you do in Sliq Clinic?
To put it simply there’s two category of treatments:
Dermatology is for skin problems like acne and acne scars treatment, skin pigmentation or sun damage, hair loss procedure and hair removal, minor skin infections and etc where they use the latest machine and laser technology to solve those pesky problems. Their products are US FDA approved.
And medical aesthetics like fillers, botox, weight loss or stubborn fat removals, double chin treatment, facial contouring or reshaping and etc are to enhance one’s appearance. They also provide relaxing medical facials such as Silkpeel microdermabrasion and the famous Korean Oxygen facials to treat problematic and sensitive skin. I might need these for my chin as I always get hormonal pimples. :'(
Why fillers?
Fillers are used to ‘fill’ certain part of our face such as deep lines, sunken areas, or enhance a particular area of our face including lips augmentation, nose and chin augmentation. It is commonly used to treat dark eye circle area and also sunken cheek area to give one a more rejuvenated look. There are many types of fillers available in the market, from permanent to temporary.

So why do you choose Hyaluronic Acid fillers over more permanent solutions?
Non Permanent

Hyaluronic acid fillers are more widely used as it is non-permanent, lasting around 1-2 years depending on the brands and is reversible with no surgery needed. This is because hyaluronic acid is actually found in human body in our skin. It’s easily accepted by our body and it will be dissolved by hyaluronidase which is also found in our skin.
Flexibility and Quick Process
In the case of over injection, the doctor can dissolve or reshape the result, or in some cases, and we can even add more to further enhance the result. A usual procedure are done in about 15 mins so it is often referred as lunch time procedure because you can do it over lunch and return back to your office immediately after treatment. For patient who has multiple treatment done before, they usually will op for more longer lasting fillers.
Natural Results
HA fillers are more natural (But also depends on the doctor’s skill okeh)
Immediate and No Downtime

There’s no downtime after fillers, hence you can go out straight away hahaha. The results are immediate so go and flaunt them yo!
Are there any complications?
The only complications that I experienced was a slight bruise for first 2-3 days and nothing more. Although, you might feel that the affected area is slightly tender, but it will fade away in 2 – 3 days. I was afraid to apply pressure to it too, hence I was quite careful the next few days. There are some reported rare complications such as infection, skin necrosis or blindness, so its important that you find an experienced doctor to do the treatment for you!
What’s Hyabell?
Hyabell is Hyaluronic acid dermal filler from Germany, and promises natural results. It is CE approved by EU’s guidelines (Like the FDA approved in the US), and is launched in the Malaysia market this year.
There are 4 Hyabell variant:
Lips | Basic | Deep | Ultra
For lips and basic variant, it is mainly used for lips contouring and to tackle wrinkles, and can last up to 9 months. For volumizing facial treatment like facial contouring and treating deep wrinkles, Hyabell deep and ultra will work best. However, do consult with your doctor first hand and let them recommend which one suitable for your skin condition. No 2 person has the same exact problem.

Here’s a before
after picture with Hyabell!
For my nose, the variant used was Hyabell: Ultra where it’s formulated specially for facial volumnizing and chin, nose, or jawline augmentation. Ultra can last up to 14 months yay yay! I seriously hoped that my metabolism is not that great because the greater it is, the faster it dissolves and disappear  Of course, the friendly staff in Sliq Clinic did give me a detailed instruction on how to take care of my treatment, what to do or what not to do after the treatment is done.

What’s Lidocaine?
Hyabell is very suitable for people who are afraid of pain hahaha because of Lidocaine. Lidocaine is actually local anesthetic, and it reduces the pain during injections. I literally felt nothing during the procedure.
Learn more at!
I’m interested in my first filler! What should I do?
Set a consultation with Dr Steve at Sliq Clinic, and he will assess your problems and also prescribe the best treatment for you. It is always important to talk to the correct person, to get an accurate advice, so talk to the expert face to face and have your query all ironed out during the consultation. I was bombarding Dr Steve with questions hahaha. Also do your research beforehand, to know about different types of fillers available or treatments so you can make a good decision for yourself.
But…. How much does it cost?

In Sliq Clinic, the
treatment is charged per filler. So if you only need 1 filler for 2 parts, then
it’s only one price. But of course, Dr Steve is going to advise you on that
during the consultation.
Sliq Clinic
Oasis Village
Ara Damansara. It’s located on the second floor.
[email protected]
| 017 277 5580

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