#cheechingyxhanoi: Fill Up Your Belly With These 4 Must Eats!

Hanoi, which is the north of Vietnam is one of the best place to go to if you want to travel alone. It is not as busy as Ho Chi Minh, and the place is also very near to other spots like Ninh Binh, Tam Coc and the famous Halong Bay.

I only had 4 days there, hence I didn’t travel out of Hanoi, but instead I took my own sweet time, exploring and walking around. And hands on, the best thing about Hanoi is really the food! Different places in Vietnam have their own specialties, and the same goes for Hanoi.

Bun Cha

One of my favourite, most favourite, ultimate favourite (Insert more hyperboles here) is bun cha! My first bun cha experience is at not at the place Obama ate, but it’s called Bun Cha Nem Cua Be at Duong Thanh street.

Basically it’s white rice noodle (cha) and grilled pork (bun), and you eat them together with the savoury broth made from herbs and pork. Add some vege onto your bowl for fibre too haha. The crab spring rolls are optional, so if you don’t want it, just don’t touch it.

Total A+ comfort food gais. Best enjoyed while sitting on the small stool and looking at the streets of Hanoi.


I don’t think I’ve met someone who dislike pho. How can someone hate a bowl of warm soup paired with chewy rice noodles and meat. :’) I always prefer the beef version heh heh. I was lucky that I stayed at Old Quarter, hence all the best place to eat is all within walking distance.

This is Gia Truyen, which serves only beef pho. Nothing fancy about this place, except it’s always full with people.

Gia Truyen only serve 3 types:
Tai nam (Rare + flank)
Tai (Rare)
Chin (Well done)

I chose rare, paid at the counter, collected my bowl of noodles and shared table with strangers. I was really satisfied sipping the sweet broth and chewing on the beef and noodles. T_____T


When in Vietnam, we eat banhmi! When in Hanoi, we eat from Banhmi 25! The best part about this tiny little banhmi stall is that it’s only 20000 (RM3.80) dong for barbecued pork with pate banhmi. The cheapest in the menu is banh mi pate for only 15000 dong. They also have vegetarian banhmi with egg and cheese for similar pricing.

At first, I was a little reluctant to try banhmi with pate (minced liver O_O) but I was like, the heck, I’m already here might as well eat an authentic banhmi lolol.

Bun Thang

I stumbled upon this when I did not know what to eat, and was so hungry I just went into the first shop I saw. Behold, this is bun thang, which basically mean chicken noodle soup haha.

I liked how such a simple noodle soup can be so satisfying, and the vermicelli is not like the one here, where it’s slightly thicker. I could eat this everyday. :’)

I’m hungry already writing this post omg. I think I need another trip to Vietnam! What’s your favourite food from Vietnam?

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