#cheechingywatches Deepwater Horizon

If there’s a movie that made me learn about something that I never thought I’ll learn would be Deepwater Horizon.

So basically in 2010, the worst oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico, and it killed 11 men from the rig explosion. This movie is also a tribute to the victims of the disaster.

Why did I like it?
It’s filled with action!

You may think that there’s too much talking in the beginning, but those are important to set the story to prepare yourself on what’s about to happen.

What happened after the explosion is very thrilling and it makes you root for the survivors.

Mark Walhberg

I think Mark carried his character well, and there were many memorable scenes that is still in my mind now. For example, When Mark Walhberg asks you to jump, you jump!’. I’m not gonna spoil it but go watch it heh heh.

Offshore and the Oil & Gas industry

I never knew much about the oil and gas industry, and I learnt a little more about it through this movie. Going offshore is so dangerous and exciting at the same time, and there are so many different types of people working in one single rig.

I like movies like this where it entertains you, but at the same time it teaches you a thing or two. Makes me gain knowledge ahaha.

The tribute at the end

This was the best part IMO. For the weaker ones, you might shed one or two tear heh.

Go watch go watch! It releases on the 29th of September at GSC. 🙂

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