9 More Reasons to Visit Danang

I’ve finally returned to Danang after 2 years, during the inaugural trip by Air Asia. Ahem, they still fly there 3 times a week! This time, I managed to visit different places, and also eat more street food!

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Best places to view Danang A Little Bit About Danang

1. Marvel at Marble Mountain (Omai it rhymes)

From the outside, it doesn’t look like a lot, but as you explore, it is actually a cluster of five limestone and marble outcrops, which means you can spend up to half a day here if you want to see everything.

You can choose to climb the stairs or take the elevator up, and along the way there are many vendors and stalls that sell traditional Danang specialties like food and handicrafts. We took the elevator up, and was greeted by a wonderful panoramic view of the city.

As you follow the guided routes, you will be greeted with gardens, temples, pagodas and marble statues.

Of course, Marble Mountain is literally a mountain, hence be prepared to ascend and descend the many flights of stairs. It was not hard, but with the heat and humidity I wanted to shower straight away hahaha.

But, there are plenty of caves for you to hide from the heat as well! 😛

2. Egg Noodles (Mì Trứng Xá Xíu) for supper

We arrived late in Danang due to flight delays, and I broke my ‘no-supper-rule’ as I was so stressed and tired from the whole ordeal. It’s so cute the ‘Xá Xíu’ is actually ‘Char Siew’ in Chinese hehehe. Looks like we are all connected after all.

See that kimchi looking plate? It’s actually pickled cabbage to be eaten with your noodles that have not arrived. Haha. And a special dipping sauce which I did not dare to try (Yes I am not adventurous when it comes to food at all)

I took the non halal version, but the noodles were so springy, and it’s like a perfect supper when you have nothing to eat. I totally cleaned that bowl. So light and flavourful! Noms! Just like my favourite Bun Cha.

3. Stay in Samdi Hotel if you want to explore around the city

The organizer arranged Samdi Hotel as my accommodation, and the best part is that the hotel is only 5 minutes drive away from Danang Airport. Perfect for people who wants to go to the airport last minute. 😛

It has one of the most amazing breakfast spread, with both local and international cuisines and the pool and gym was lovely! Because of the location, street food and shopping area are all nearby, up to 15 minutes walk to the nearest Big C and Highlands coffee. If you are lazy, Vietnamese coffee is just a few steps away.

4. Learn about the Champa civilization at the Cham Sculpture Museum

Cham Sculpture Museum is all about the sculptures, relics and beliefs from the ancient Champa civilization. Bet you never heard of this civilization right? The museum itself is not big, but it’s very interesting to see all the sculptures that withstood the test of time.

Let cheechingy enlighten you a little.“Champa used to be an independent polity from the 2nd century to the 19th century before they were absorbed by the Vietnamese state. Hinduism shaped the country and Hoi An was one of Champa’s main port.”

The sculptures here are dated way back to the 7th century, and most of them are still in great condition, albeit not having an arm or two haha.

I always liked museums that have sculptures and art cause I always amazed by how talented these people are. Such a pity that not many of us can actually make art their way ever since technology appeared in our lives.

Also found out that Champa civilization was quite occupied with boobs haha, as seen in many of the sculptures here.

5. Take my money, local markets!

One of the more famous markets is Han Market where you can get various local Vietnamese food and textile, but there are also smaller ones like Con Market which I stumbled upon after exploring.

I like visiting local markets because of the people as well, you can really see how they live daily and interact with one and another.

Remember to get lotus seeds, coconut and Vietnam special garlic. 🙂

6. Get smooth smooth skin at a Mud Spa!

We went to Galina Danang Mud Bath, and the mud spa is one of the main attraction there on top of jacuzzi, swimming pools and massage. So depending on which package you take, you can enjoy all of them in one day.

I stole this picture from the net sorry!

Oh, they provide swimsuits and flip flops too so you don’t have to worry!

7. Pay a visit to the 4th tallest Guan Yin statue in the world

Guan Yin overlooks Danang city and the South China Sea, which is really calming to see her from far.

She is also surrounded by a temple, monastery, marble statues and bonsai trees which made the place really beautiful.

8. Eat this life changing grilled banh mi

Everyone knows Banh Mi, but have you eaten grilled banh mi omfgggggggggg.

At first I thought it was banh mi, then I suddenly saw her squishing the poor bread and plonk it on the grill omg!! Then chili sauce was brushed over and over again until the bread become crispy.

The bread is then cut into pieces, and topped with a scary green color sauce, and topped with pork floss, sausages, mayonnaise and grilled pork.


9. Danang: The Next MICE Hub

With Danang gaining traction as one the most popular destination in Vietnam, it will push more effort in turning Danang into the next international MICE hub. Can’t wait to see it happen!

Also, because Danang is the central of Vietnam, it’s the best place to travel to the north to places like Hue and Quang Binh! Will have a separate post for these two places soon! 🙂


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