Meet My New Companion: Touchdown!

Since 2 years ago, I’ve been traveling quite a bit. I’ve also started documenting it with my Instagram account and has shamelessly hashtagged it to #cheechingtravels haha.
So whenever I travel, I really want to stay connected (I hate myself sometimes) and will I’ll definitely get a local plan as soon as I arrive.

And if I do not get a data plan at all, I’m always on the hunt for WiFi. :'(

Thank god there’s a new player in Malaysia, and it’s called Touchdown.

So what’s so special about Touchdown?

It’s a prepaid!

You only pay as you use, and it’s valid for 1 year when you activate. You can reload based on your usage, so there’s more self-control (ahem) and there’s no fear of wasting any data or talktime.
Coverage over 190 countries

There will be no more changing simcards over and over again. Just use one for all of your trips! 😀
Free incoming calls and text
Featuring Captain Yoo Si Jin, my imaginary husband.

 Hehehe call me all you want gais!

Two different plans to cater to different needs

So if you like to talk non-stop, opt for the Classic plan!

  If you only need data to upload beautiful photographs or check -ins, opt for the New plan!

Touchdown is gonna be one of my must have travel items from today onwards w00t w00t. To know more about Touchdown and its rates, head to the website nao! 🙂

Just comment below on which destination that you will like to backpack solo and why and the most creative answer wins one Touchdown simcard each!

Congratulations to Meeiyin and Alexandra! You have won one Touchdown simcard each. Do email me at cheechi[email protected] your full name, telephone number and address!
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#cheechingytravels signing off (Lol)

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