#cheechingytravels 4 Scenic Places Worth Going in Jeju Island

The first time I went to Jeju Island back in 2014, I fell in love with it. I had a lovely stay at Tae Gong Gak, and was first exposed to Jeju’s scenic places with Yongmeori Coast.

This trip however, brought me to places around the island, so here are 4 more places that are worth planning a trip to!

Sangumburi Crater

Sangumburi is one of the many craters around Jeju Island, and it’s a 40 minutes drive from the city center. It’s a leisurely walk around the crater, but the best part of this place is the fields of tall flamegrass that blooms everywhere.

Photo opportunities are everywhere when you are here. We had so much fun running around and taking pictures nyehehe.

This place is definitely recommended if you like to appreciate nature, in a leisurely manner.

Entrance fee: KRW6000 (RM22)

Seosokkak Estuary

Located at Seogwipo, which is the south of Jeju, lies Seosokkak.

It starts with a little stream, then it expands to a bigger stream, and in the end the water flows back to the ocean.

It was raining that day so we did not managed to experience the transparent kayak nor the tue, a traditional flat wooden boats, where you can explore the river up close. :'(

At the end of the trail, a magnificent black sand beach welcomes you. But in my case, under the drizzling rain but I still had fun haha.

Aewol Coastline

The coastal road is a popular spot for people to take a stroll, go on a kayak ride, or just enjoy themselves at one of the many cafes there.

Rumor has it that GDragon opened a cafe here too. Drinking your coffee here means you get to look at the amazing ocean while sipping that much needed caffeine after a long hike.

Udo Island

This is like an island, within an island. Udo is named because the island looks like a cow lying down. I tried googling but cannot find the picture to support this claim, but it’s real one! You can easily spend the whole day here, venturing around the island.

You have to board a ferry at Seongsan Port for a 15 minutes ferry ride at KRW5500 (RM20) inclusive of the entry fee to Udo Island. The ferry leaves hourly from 8am to 5pm.

You can get around the island via these 3 options if you’re not driving
ATV / Scooter: KRW20,000 | Tour bus (Hop on & off): KRW5000 | Bike / Vespa: KRW10,000

It was really enjoyable roaming around the island.

We saw lovely pure white beaches, namely Hagosudong beach, which have crystal clear water, and Seobin-baeksa beach. The most intriguing thing about Seobin-baeksa beach it is composed of red coraline algae, which is shaped like tiny bits of corals.


We explored black sand caves at Geommeollae Beach.

And made friends with nature in that few hours in Udo Island.

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