[Guest Post] SnowVapes x Attitude

Herro! Guest blogger here. I’ve been honoured by Chee Ching to do this, so let’s get started!

Many of my friends who started vaping already so I couldn’t wait to try this kit hehe. It’s by SnowVapes. They’re a bunch of designers that started the vaping-with-attitude movement, and they made it simple and easy to start. Check them out  at #snowvapes for some cool stuff they’re doing!

And now, here it is! The SnowVapes starter kit!

Looks like some canggih technology right? Actually, it only takes like 2 minutes to put it together. If you played Lego before then confirm you can put it together. If not.. go play some Lego.

There’s a mod (the case that holds the battery and all) the subtank (the thing that holds the juice) and the coil (the cotton that turns the juice into vapour).

“Yeah.. *sunglasses on*.” 😀

Anyway, here’s the coolest thing of the vape.. it has my name! The nice folks at VapeJoy engraved it for me. You can customize yours with them too, they’ll engrave it with a laser!

So any vape fan will know the classic vape juice.. apple! If there’s a classic, it’s gotta be apple. Can never go wrong with it!. It tastes like, well, apple.. but it’s not as artificial as I thought it would be.

And the best part is its 0% nicotine. SnowVapes got about 3 juices for now, and they’re mostly 0% nicotine too. Be healthy, people!

There’s the other bottle with 6mg nicotine. Aloha mix.. and it’s like a mix of different fruit flavours all in one.

Now, time for the goodies. They gave me a SnowVapes snapback and t-shirt. Vape with attitude yo!

I actually love how easy it really is. Feels nice to just put a few pieces together and start vaping. I mean there’s usually a lot to learn to start vaping (how to re-coil the cotton, finding the right coil etc), but with the kit it’s just been easy-breezy to vape.

The starter kit is RM 390. You get the Kangertech Subox NANO with custom engraving, two juices (normally RM50 each + free delivery + 20% off first 50) and the SnowVapes T-shity. Pretty sweet, and they do the delivery as well.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/dragonfly_creative
Email: [email protected]

Also, use my code “ShaunVapes2015” and get RM20% off the starter kit. #bestdealever

Ok bye, signing off with my new toy!

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