#cheechingytravels Tough Mudder Melbourne 2015

Last month, I went for Tough Mudder Melbourne yays! Thanks AirAsiaX for supporting and sponsoring my flight tickets so I can get to event! Got to Melbourne with no hiccups at all.

Tough Mudder Melbourne 17th October 2015
State Motorcycle Sports Complex, Broadford.

If you have joined Viper Challenge in Malaysia before, it is modeled after Tough Mudder which operates all year long at many different countries. Tough Mudder Melbourne is a 19.3km course with 22 obstacles.

Our wave starts at 10.30am, but the weather was really good so you don’t feel the heat at all. Beats running an obstacle course at Malaysia actually heh.

The whole route has bone tickling signboards that make the whole race better.Some of my favourite obstacles from this Tough Mudder would be:

Arctic Enema because I needed the jolt from the ice. Kidding, but it was quite fun actually. Totally woke me up.

Mud Slide! Everyone was so cooperative and there’s this one guy that just lifted me up with hand. Benefits of doing an obstacle course overseas haha.

This as well cause I didn’t have to do anything haha.

We ran, walked and ran somemore and it was really fun, especially under the cold weather. I did not feel fatigue at all.

Everest 2.0 because I finally did it! Thanks Shaun for catching me and I think I broke his biceps cause I was unable to bring my legs up trololol.

My turn to help people!

Obstacles were creatively named as well. This obstacle had red liquid weighing on us during the crawl and it’s called Birth Canal. Pretty apt, eh? However, some obstacles was not meant for vertically challenged people like me.

Like this.

And this. πŸ™ GG.com.

What I did not expect is that the HILLS were like this around 12km onwards. It was alive torturing my legs.

Although, the view was pretty amazing.

Teamwork is everything

Obstacles are designed to encourage teamwork. Like the Everest, it’s curved at the top so you could not grab it and go up on your own.

The emcee stationed at the Electroshock (the last obstacle) was especially funny as well.

“Look! It’s a bunch of women getting electrocuted!” he said to the crowd when a group of ladies attempted the obstacle together, holding hands. At this obstacle, I actually blacked out for few seconds and when I got back to my senses I fell down lulz.

At the end of the race, you’ll be rewarded with iced cold beer (Too bad I don’t drink :() and special electrice massage sponsored by Borsch. Pretty cool eh! So fitting with Tough Mudder’s tagline: ‘Mud. Fun. Beer’ haha.

Shower places was directly opposite baggage drop which I really liked.

Can’t wait for the next Tough Mudder oos oos! But first I gotta learn how to swim; as I almost drowned (cause I overestimate my abilities) and had to skip an obstacle because we had to drop into an 8 feet high water. πŸ™ Any recommendations of swimming coaches out there?


… this was my amazing ride from the airport to my apartment in Melbourne.

Thanks Blacklane for the amazing and comfortable ride to and from the airport. Made my Melbourne trip even better. If you like to travel #likeaboss, remember to check out Blacklane yeah? πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to take Blacklane again for my Europe trip woohoo!>

Pictures credit to Tania, Shaun and Tough Mudder Australia.

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