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Today, I am pretending to be a food blogger. (Cause I only know how to eat and not write mouth watering descriptions haha) But Jeju have so many good food I cannot help but to list them all out to help you decide on what to eat when you’re here.

cheechingy the #actact food blogger

I’m pretty sure we are all very well versed on Korean food, from its glorious bibimbaps to delicious bulgogi. But when in Jeju, they have their specialties which is a must try.

Traditional Korean lunch

It was a feast at Hwa Mok Won Restaurant. You can find similar places that serves these across Jeju Island too.

So many choices, so little table space.

To eat this, scoop all the rice from the hot pot to another bowl, and then pour hot water onto the hot pot. Enjoy your meal slowly, chit chat, and when you’re almost done, the rice inside the hot pot will be turned into nurunji (scorched rice) and you can finish it.<

100cm hairtail fish

Jeju Madang Restaurant is special…

…because you can order this.

It wasn’t just the hairtail fish, there were enoki mushrooms (my fav!), loads of radish and topped with a generous amount of spring onions. The fish soaked up all the flavors and every bite was a delight albeit you have to becareful with the bones.

There’s a grilled version too, but I still prefer the latter.

Then if you can eat more, YOU CAN ADD RAMEN. GLORIOUS RAMEN.

Udo Island Specialties

We also spent half a day at Udo Island where there were plenty of things to see, and of course eat. Quaint little cafes were present around the island, but here are some of its specialties that are worth spending on.

Hallabong Ice Cream

Hallabong, named after Mount Halla, and also known as Apricosa (Lol scientific name) is Jeju Island’s specialty and is dubbed as the sweetest orange. So imagine them in ice creammmmmmmmmmmm! I had this in Udo Island, so it came with a hefty price tag (5000 won / RM19 T____T), but it’s pretty worth it when you are having it overlooking the sea.

Hallasan fried rice

Imagine eating fried rice with storytelling?

First, octopus with assorted veges come on board.

Then you fry fry fry, and eat. SUPER DELICIOUS I CANNOT.

Then when you are almost done, the chef will come over, and put in 3 bowls of rice.

The chef then fry them together, and shape the rice into Mount Halla, he then adds egg to form the island, and cheese to symbolize the citizens moving in. Super entertaining haha.

It was such a sinful meal, but SO GOOD. GOOD. CHEESE. ANYTHING WITH CHEESE IS GOOD.

Fresh (A little bit too fresh) raw seafood

Caught by the amazing female divers called Haenyeo, these seafood are served fresh, and raw. The saddest part about Haenyeo is that this profession will cease to exist in about 20 years because the younger women do not want these skillsets.

Eaten with gochujang, the seafood were pretty hard to chew actually, especially the conch and seasnail. The persimmons were delicious, and if you like the taste of the sea.

The seaweeed felt as if I ate it while I was diving in the sea. Worth an experience actually.

Abalone porridge (Jeonbukjok)

Traditionally, abalone porridge was a delicacy for the royal family. But now it’s one of the most popular dish to be enjoyed in Jeju Island due to the freshness of the abalone and its nutritional value. You can find abalone porridge almost everywhere in Jeju.

I personally love it because it felt really healthy hahaha.

Heukdwaeji, Jeju Black Pork

It is said that the meat of black pig (where they have shiny black hair) are more tender than orrdinary pigs. It is richer in protein and in taste as well.

I am not a pork person, but many people seem to enjoy this especially when it is eaten, Korean Barbeque style.

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