#cheechingytravels Jeju KPOP Edition: Monsant Cafe by GDragon & PLAY KPOP

Jeju is not all about its sceneries, and breathtaking views, but they have begun to attract the younger crowd with KPOP as well. Talk about strategy!

Cafe Aewol Monstant

Heck, GDragon even opened a cafe here! Cafe Aewol Montsant was opened only this October so we were pretty lucky! Words travel fast, and this place was already full when we got here.


Finally, I am one step closer to GD! Lulululz. Price were pretty reasonable starting from KRW4000 onwards, and the place was huge. You can choose to sit inside or outside (Where you are facing the sea), and just enjoy the sea breeze with your cup of hot latte. Totally beat all the cafes in KL nyehehe.


#actact take picture of entrance

This is one of the best digital interactive museum that I’ve been to.

How it works is that your ticket acts like a key to a hands on experience with your favourite KPOP stars. This place is YG based, so you get to meet Big Bang, 2NE1, Akdong Musicians and even PSY.

This places uses holograms as one of their attractions, and some of the activities include:

Get the KPOP makeup! Rofl at the eyelashes.

Interact with GD’s hologram haha. Shisha doesn’t seem to be happy with his head on her lap.

Unfortunately photography is not allowed so here are some pictures from the net.

The best one is actually experiencing the Hologram Concert. We purposely waited for GDragon’s, but you can also experience PSY and 2NE1 at different timeslots.

Thoroughly enjoyed my visit there as the digital experience was truly remarkable. Cannot wait to see this concept expand to other countries!

Opened all year round, 0900 to 1900.
Adults: KRW15,000 | Teenagers (13-18): KRW13,000 | Children: KRW12,000

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