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Christmas is cominggggggggggggg!

So hor, that day I went to have a free Christmas meal at Le Pont Boulangerie #noshy. From today until 4th of January, there will be a special Christmas and French inspired menu just for this holiday season.

Nicoise Salad (RM16.90)

I don’t know how to pronounce Nicoise properly but it’s mean to be a type of composed salad. Anchovies and french beans are one of the fundamental ingredients of a nicoise salad. Le Pont’s version is filled with a generous amount of french beans, tuna, chopped eggs, and this lovely shallot vinaigrette that connects all these ingredients together.

I loved this so much probably cause it’s on the healthy side. :3 Look at the french beans!

Three Course Combo (RM58.90)

And if you are feeling like you should splurge on Christmas, do take the three course combo as it’s the most worth it imo.

It comes with:
Vichyssoise (RM12.90)

A french classic soup of potatoes, leek and in LePont’s version, it is topped with garlic crouton. Typically served cold in France, thank god it’s served warm here. Don’t think I can stomach cold soup except naengmyeon heh heh. I would prefer a thicker soup as I felt this was a little diluted.

Frisee and Beef Bacon Salad (RM16.90)

The kitchen ran out of frisee so I was pretty disappointed because it is a type of vegetable that are rich in nutrients and flavors and comes in a finely curved leaves. This dish didn’t wow me like the nicoise salad but it’s still a refreshing appetizer.

Seafood Red Rhapsody (RM38.00)

The whole dish screams seaaaaaaaaaaafooooooooood. Another french inspired dish, this seafood stew is actually bouillabaisse (Omg don’t know how to pronounce again) which means to boil and to simmer. Seafood Red Rhapsody consists of razor clams, seabass, prawns served with a slice of garlic bread to soak up all the seafood goodness. However, the seafood taste was pretty strong hence I didn’t really finish it.

Special Lamb Shank (RM37.90)

But this won my heart again! I think I can eat this daily.

Slow roasted for about 8 hours with herbs, potatoes and carrots, the meat practically falls off the bone with the first touch. The apricot sauce complements really well with the meat too. Feed me this againnnnn.

Orange Cinnamon Bliss (RM14.50) / Cinnamon Affogato (RM14.50)

Not really a fan of the orange cinnamon bliss and I felt that the orange overpowered the whole drink. The soda was a little fizzy so I was not really comfortable with the whole combination. But then, it’s because the coffee will taste stronger once the ice melted hence I think I’ll like it if I waited longer to try this drink.

For the affogato, at first, I felt the cinnamon ice cream was a little weird, but if you really mix the espresso together, then the combination works really well. A very Christmasy drink. But remember, don’t follow my footsteps, combine and eat the ice cream and coffee together.

The desserts were really really cute.

Molten Snowman (RM19.90) / Snowy Wonderland (RM20.90)

Molten Snowman is vanilla ice cream on a molten cake, and Snowy Wonderland is chocolate ganache with snow meringue and chocolate sauce. These were okay, but but…

Christmas Tree Waffle (RM17.90)

… if you only have to choose one dessert, spent it on this! Ahhhh writing about it makes me wanna eat it again. Jade waffles paired with raspberry sorbet with almond crumble, diced strawberries and fresh whipped cream omnomnomnomnom.

I had Christmas food coma that night.

Le Pont Boulangerie et Cafe

Lot 6, Jalan 1/137C, Batu 5
Jalan Kelang Lama
58000 KL

Operating hours: Monday – Thursday, Sunday 8am – 12am
Friday & Saturday 8am – 2am

You won’t miss this super huge building, and if Christmas meals are not for you, they have a bakery right underneath the restaurant which sells freshly baked bread, cookies and wonderful pastries.

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