Summer Ombre with CMichael London, Bangsar

Ohaiii. I made up that name for my new hair colour, cause I think it’s quite apt eh! Love love love the different colors on my hair. CMichael was very generous to give me a hair makeover to save my hair and they really did a great job!

Arrived a little earlier so had time to chill first.
Hair was pretty bad cause I wash my hair a lot due to bootcamp and gym.
Leo, who don a very hipster hairstyle was my stylist of the day!

So in the end, Leo decided to give me 4 colors.
Purple for my fringe, pastel pink at the side, ash brown on the top, and bright red at the lower base. I have no idea what was he talking about but I’m up for it anyways!

CMichael only lightens your hair as it is more gentle and do not make the hair dry like bleaching. Good news for people who loves to colour their hair nyehehe. Also brought my laptop to work, there’s WiFi and complimentary tea available so you don’t have stare at the blank wall when you wait for your hair to be ready.
I actually kinda liked the blondish hue after lightening.
Leo then came and inspect the hair, and finally it was time for colourrrrrr!
The many colours that Leo has prepared for his magic heh.
Ombre hair is a delicate process, and it’s a form of art too I believe. #tryingtobedeep
Cling wrapped, and ready to let the colors seep into my hair!
Probably the longest part of the whole makeover is the Apple stem cell treatment, which is treatment unique to CMichael. What it does it’s retain the moisture in your hair so it stays shiny and softtttt. Especially important if you inject so many colors into your hair like me.
I like how the colours come out differently with different hairstyles.

Waterfall braid

Never-really-comb style

With Tough Mudder’s Finisher Headband

The colors even survived Tough Mudder! 
CMICHAEL is having a promotion now where it’s only RM148 for haircut, color and treatment.  So go book today #waitwhat.
Facebook: C.MICHAEL
Instagram: @c.michael_london
No 20, Jalan Telawi,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
(Same row as Subway)
Phone: 03 2201 3673 / 03 2288 1673

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