Bringing My Ideas to Life

As an independent
publisher, sometimes it’s hard to make that break. 

I’ve been thinking about bringing my online content to
offline, but never really gotten the determination or push to do it. Partly
because I am always distracted heh heh.

So Digi WWWOW Awards is backkkkkkkkk! Digi WWWOW awards is
an annual initiative to showcase creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurship in
Malaysians that uses Internet to inspire others.
I joined 2 years ago but didn’t make it. This award had
evolved into a more solid platform where it was relying on votes back then.
Now you have to upload a portfolio, and then if you’re shortlisted, you will
have to pitch to the judges on your ideas and creations.

Walao #waitwhat. The
prize is super ons.

Somehow I hoped my illustrations and comics have inspired at
least some of you guys. 🙂 I’m going to try for the Independent Publisher category
and hopefully will be able to spread my illustrations to other platforms. 🙂
They have 8 categories, mainly video & photography, social influencers, independent publishers, web e-commerce, mobile e-commerce, social media e-commerce, social impact, social movement and Digi’s pick.

I only have 12 October to submit omggg must get to work, and voting starts from 19th to 30th October and 20th November for the announcement! I also have a secret project coming on, so hopefully this will give me the boost. 😀 😀

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