I’ll Definitely Return to #AirAsiaBaliBeachRun Next Year


The picture above summed up my entire #AirAsiaBaliBeachRun2015 experience last weekend. I was smiling from ear to ear while running. Never felt so happy before lololol.

My race kit with the #travelingberuang.

We arrived at Kuta Beach around 5am, and many people is already there. This year, there are around 1800 runners, a 300 increase from 2013, which is indeed a good sign. πŸ˜€

I was pretty excited when I got there. Am I gonna be able to rough out the sand? What am I going to see? Who can I follow as a pacer?

And at 6.30am sharp, we flagged off!

I stumbled quite a bit when we started because of the sand, but as you got the flatter area beside the sea, I was blown away by the magnificent view.

I had to stop to capture this when I spotted this lady meditating.

Then after 5k on the beach, you’ll move on to the tarmac area. This was really well planned too because we get to run the sidewalks of Kuta, a side that you will not see when you’re here for travel.<

Residents of Kuta greets you as you run pass them, and there will be dogs running beside you.

After 2k, you’ll then arrive near the beach, but this time you’ll be running on the cobblestones.

Only at the final 1k, we run again on the beach.

Caution! Cute lifeguard might run in front of you for that added motivation to finish the race.

To my surprise, I finished 10k at 1 hour 14 minutes, albeit stopping for so many times to take pictures and greet the people of Kuta.

Super happy after the run. Nyehehe.

I’ll definitely join this run again, and again. And the best part is, this run will go international, starting from Gold Coast. OMGGGGGGGG.

Thanks AirAsia for sponsoring this trip! I really had loads of fun. πŸ˜€

AirAsia flies to Bali 5 times daily, and 3 times daily from Kota Kinabalu and you can also fly to Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore, Taipei and Bangkok from Denpasar Airport.

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