Mossy Forest, The Most Surreal Hike Ever

#cuticutimalaysia time before I head for more trips from September onwards yayyy!

Last weekend was spent in Cameron Highlands, and the highlight of this trip was Mossy Forest hike as well as our stay at Westwood Highlands Backpackers at Kampung Raja (Post for another day)

There are many hiking spots at Cameron Highlands, but Mossy Forest at Brinchang stands out because of its landscape and difficulty level. The weather here is constantly cool, misty and wet, making the hike easier and more enjoyable.


The hike starts from 2000m elevation after climbing a few flight of stairs.

Soft, spongy moss drapes over the trees and ground, and it made the hiking experience even better. Beats holding wet branches anytime.

The hike was relatively easy, but it can be a little challenging because of the tree roots and uneven ground.  The soil was pretty soft so you gotta be careful on where you step or you will be sinking into the depths of Mossy Forest. It rained halfway during the climb, hence it got worse.

As we ventured deeper, then the mist came! So surreal as if we are trekking the middle earth haha. #imaginetoomuch

The sad part is we started late and only managed to hike to Mini Irau before descending again because it might be too dark. So make sure you start around 8am, and you must reach the peak before 11am to be able to continue on.

But Mini Irau has its magic too! The moss grew significantly more, and there were a lot of Instagram material spots heh heh.

Half of the entourage.

So the next time when you are in Cameron Highlands and want to do something different, give Mossy Forest a try! Head towards Brinchang and follow the signs. 🙂


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