Ohai ClubMed Cherating!

Since a long time ago, I’ve always heard about Clubmed. What I remembered is that you just paid an one off fee and off you go on an all-inclusive trip.

When I was approached if I wanted to complete an Eco Unplugged Challenge in Clubmed, I was like HELL YES. Basically the mission is to complete all the various activities in Clubmed Cherating, and to be eligible to win another trip there with 10 friends. Ons lur #waitwhat.

Warning: Many many pictures ahead!

Arrived at Clubmed around 10am, and was able to check into our room earlier. The resort is known as avillage (village) and the village chief (Super ons name) who is the resort manager take cares of the place.

View from my amahzing Seaview Deluxe room. Para- para- paradise.

The flower decorations were so pretty I didn’t dare to touch it at all. Look at the arrangement at the sink omgggggg.

After freshening up, it was time for The Eco Unplugged Challenge (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

The idea of this challenge is to let the guests know that Clubmed Cherating is more than just the beach or the pool, but it also has a wide range of activities for both young and old.Leave your digital devices in the room, and go out there to explore the nature! Here, you are surrounded by loads of trees and natural pathways so you can be healthy, and digitally detox yourself. There’s so many things to do that you will not remember about your phone at all.

I was on a mission to complete the challenge.

#1 Archery

I think I fell in love with archery. The GOs, Archer and April taught us the proper way to shoot, and oh boy I could not stop playing this.

I think I shot the arrows for an hour non stop.


#2 Treetop Challenge

Treetop Challenge is a series of obstacles where you traverse through the deep jungle and harsh terrains. #dramalol

Here was when I met Ruth as well, a super nice GO from Taiwan. When in Clubmed, you’ll be able to meet many different nationalities that makes Clubmed different from other resorts and holidays.

It was quite tiring but super fun. It’s like a scaled down version of the course in Bukit Cahaya.

You then end the challenge with a flying fox. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee-eee-eeeee.

#3 Flying Trapeze

This is the most exciting and interesting activity in Clubmed. Now you can try to do some acrobatic thing like the circus people yo!

Sked lur. I yelled when I had to reach with only one hand first before jumping down. Omfg.

But in the end I did it anyway nyehehe.

And then you have to flip to get down. Did it with no style at all hahaha.

You will be afraid the first time you do it, but after that, no problem at all!

The team manning the flying trapeze also perform awesome circus shows at night. Best performance evar!

#4 Sunset Yoga

Yoga by the sea? Sign me up!

Imagine this:

The relaxing sound of waves hitting the shore, the wind is blowing serenely, and you are stretching your tired muscles while breathing in the clean and refreshing air.

I almost fell asleep wei.

I’ve never felt so zen before.

#5 Chilling at Zen Pool


No kids are allowed here hence the name. It faces the beach. Beach and pool at the same time, win liao. It is only about 140cm deep, so short people like me can stand and just waddle around. It has salt water in it, so you can open your eyes underwater.

And nearby the area, there are cushioned beds for you to just shut down your brain and look at the beach, and also fall asleep (like I did).

#6 Sailing

You need to take a 5 minute train ride to this beach that houses the water sports. What I really liked about this place is that there are no motorized water sports so that it doesn’t hurt the environment.

At first I thought that it was this kinda sailing hahaha.

Basically the boat houses up to 4 people including the GO and you can just let go and enjoy the waves while the GO does all the work haha.

YAY FOR STRONG WIND and GOOD SKILLS. Thoroughly enjoyed my 20 minute sailing around the sea. Quite a memorable experience. 🙂

#7 Watch Sunrise

Sprinted out to the beach to watch the sunrise at 6.30am. The view here is breathtaking. Look at that!

Then pretend to take emo pictures hahaha.

Then silently take picture of a photographer who happened to be there as well.


#8 Walk on the Beach

There are two beaches in Clubmed Cherating, one which is the main beach and this is called Pantai Beach. Both are super beautiful, with clear water and soft sands.

How can you get bored of this view. Sigh.

#9 Balinese Massage

Here at Clubmed Cherating, there’s a spa for you to relax your body after vigorous activities, or heavy drinking aherm.

I opted for the recommended Balinese massage, because there was 40% off for Malaysians heh heh. A nice little cup of ginger tea will be served as you descend into the relaxation mood.<

For balinese massage, you can choose between 4 different oils that serve different functions. I opted for the stress reliever oil.

I fell asleep 5 minutes into the massage. Ommmm ommmm ommmm.

#10 Crazy Signs beside the Pool

Everyday at 12.15pm the GOs will appear all of a sudden and do some signature Clubmed dances around the pool.

Pretty fun and it’s so funny to look at the people in the pool who are swimming and not knowing what to do heh heh.

#11 Rock Climbing

Climbing with real rocks? Checked!

Spot me!

The route was not that hard, but the novelty of actually climbing real ones, and beside the sea makes the whole experience worthwhile.

Met many amazing GOs (Gentil Organisateurs) which I became close in a short period of time. Basically they are the staffs of Clubmed and on top of their day to day job, they will look after us, which are called the GMs (Gracious Members).I felt a little weird on the first day where suddenly a bunch of them would come and sit and have lunch with you. But with them around you, any problems can be solved and questions answered. Sometimes they even take the liberty to make you feel like home.

Pink, who works at the bar, will not stop asking if you want drinks everytime she sees us until we had to reject her haha. Thanks Pink! If you love to drink, rest assured you can have your cocktails anytime you want.

Food was amazing, with so many different cuisines, and a great selection of desserts. Local fruits are available, and main courses changes daily so that you will not get bored. Totally loved the quinoa when they had it. What’s missing were probably sashimi or sushi haha.

The nuggets here are the bomb yo!

I stayed at #clubmed for 4 days, and there was ample time to for me to repeat archery, rock climbing and sailing. I also went to the zen pool everyday although I could not swim.

I MISS CLUBMED ALREADY. 🙁 BRING ME BACK PL0X.To find out more about the Eco Unplugged Challenge, click here! Let me win too haha.

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