Most Underrated Place in Thailand

Khon Kaen is not that known yet, but believe me it’s one of the most underrated place to visit in Thailand. If you want to escape the usuals, just take one hour flight via AirAsia and you’re good to go. 😀

Slove U Cafe

Slove U at the owner’s tuktuk, complete with amazing remixes of EDM.

This quaint little cafe is situated in the heart of Khon Kaen’s town that serves various type of coffee with reasonable pricing. My mint mocha was only 65 baht, and I don’t think any drinks went above 100 baht. Beans were much better than most of our overpriced cafe here in KL.

Look at all these random decorations that somehow made the whole place a really nice place to just chill and have a good conversation.

Cold beverages in mason jars? Checked!

95/22 Srinuan Road,
Khon Kaen 40000
Open daily from 9am till 8pm
Facebook page:

Thum Rom Restaurant

We loved this place so much we had dinner here for the two nights in Khon Kaen. It was packed on a Sunday, and it was still packed on a Monday.You wonder why this place is so popular?

Good, and entertaining live band.


On the first night we ordered around 8 to 9 dishes, which were all amazing especially the omelette, with beer and Coke, and it all amounted to 639 baht. LESS THAN RM70 FOR 5 OF USSSSSSS.

We went again the next day, ordered almost the same thing, with appetizers plus additional fish, and it all amounted to 900+ baht, less than RM100.


Wat Nong Wang Temple

The day we dropped by Wat Nong Wang Temple was a public holiday, so we were pretty lucky to see many locals doing their prayers.

Wat Nong Wang is also known as the Wind Chime Temple.

Climbed up 9 floors to view Khon Kaen. Really like it that there’s no skyscrapers around.

Ton Tann Night Market

Ton Tann is the largest night market in Khon Kaen. It’s not a conventional night market found in many parts of Thailand, but it has a bazaar feel to it. There are restaurants, boutique shops, live entertainment and art pieces everywhere.

There is also a space for different art exhibits.

Besides boutique shops, there are people setting up mini stalls to sell things from handicrafts, art pieces, clothes. I bought a packet of hairbands for 5 baht. 5 baht for a packet of hairbands that I cannot count because there’s too many of them.

Green tea ice cream because I felt like spending money haha.

If you are feeling adventurous, give Khon Kaen a try. If you are the backpacking type, let Khon Kaen be a starting point to more adventures as you head out from here.

AirAsia flies to:
Bangkok 11 times daily
Khon Kaen 4 times daily

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