How to Survive Songkran Festival in Thailand

Every year, people will flock to Thailand for Songkran festival. Songkran is celebrated from 13 – 15 April to signify that it’s the new year for the people of Thailand. Traditionally, water pouring is meant to be a symbol of washing away all of their bad sins.

Today this evolved into a massive 3 day water fight and water splashing festival.

I traveled to a small city called Khon Kaen, which is an hour’s flight from Bangkok. I have not heard about this place before and immediately said yes when it was suggested by the good people from AirAsia.

#1 Be prepared to get splashed if you are sitting on the tuk-tuk / motorcycle

We were on Slove U’s owner’s tuktuk (Which I’ll be blogging about that amazing cafe soon!) and were attacked from left to right!

All wet when we reached the lunch place. I need to take revenge!

#2 Buy waterproof cases in Thailand. 

I bought my waterproof case for only 50 baht zomg.

It survived the whole of Songkran! Best purchase ever. Thank god I did not buy in Malaysia.

#3 Arm yourself with waterguns!

Water guns starts from THB150 onwards depending on sizes. Cheap cheap!

You can also buy these super cute water contraption nyehehe.

#4 Fight fight fight!

Just close your eyes and don’t be afraid to shoot anyone.

Even the police were playing along while maintaining order.

#5 Thai people are really kind.

Even when they put powder on you, they do it delicately. Plus, the cooling effect was really nice!

#6 It’ll get cold, really cold after a while.

#7 The whole street is closed for the celebration

AirAsia built a stage for dance-off which was pretty entertaining!Everyone was just grooving to the music.

Other brands built slides, and some had foam party. It was like multiple parties all at once.

#8 Have fun!

(So fun until cannot see my eyes riao)

With throngs of people, music, performances and water everywhere, just let yourself loose and have fun!

AirAsia flies to:
Bangkok 11 times daily
Khon Kaen 4 times daily

If you want to discover Thailand more, come to Khon Kaen! If you are looking for scrumptious and cheap food, reasonable shopping (Like seriously reasonable), and good chillout places, Khon Kaen would be the place for you.

I cannot wait to return!

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