Tips and Tricks at Lotte World, Seoul

I love going to theme parks. I think you can just not use your brain and play crazy rides that scares the hell out of you. After postponing the visit to Lotte World twice due to the rain, we finally made it there on a sunny Tuesday morning.

To get to Lotte World, take the subway to Jamsil station and head to exit 4. The theme park is connected directly to the station. Coincidentally there was a #rubberduckprojectseoul going on and I had to drop by there first.

1. Buy different admission passes in accordance to needs

Back to Lotte World, we bought our passport tickets at 46,000 won (RM152) each because we wanted to play most of the rides. If you are only looking to play one or two, buy the admission pass and pay less.Discounted tickets are also available from 4pm onwards.

2. Eat first

The whole day is going to be spent lining up and admiring the rides from far away, so remember to fuel up the stomach first! There’s plenty of food in Lotte World, from fast food to traditional Korean delicacies. There are even small little carts for you to have snacks like sausages and burritos.

3. Magic Pass

How Magic Pass works is that you get this particular piece of paper with specific time, and you just return to the ride without having need to queue. Super convenient!

One of the greatest advantage of Lotte World is that there’s a lot of things to do indoor as well. So even if it rains, you can continue having fun indoors, while waiting for the rain to stop to go outdoor again.

5. Ride all the scary rides

Trust me it’s worth it.

Atlantis Adventure: 5/5 

High thrilling roller coaster that goes both indoor and outdoor. I had so much fun in this that I will definitely go for second time if not for the queue.

Giant Loop: 3/5 

I had headache playing this because you just go in loops and loops and loops.

Gyro Drop: N/A

This was closed for maintenance! I was so depressed! I have a feeling that is definitely more exhilarating that Solero Shot at Genting Highlands haha.

Gyro Swing: 5/5

I rode this twice! Basically this will swing you 180degrees in the air. One moment you will be looking at the ground, and in split seconds you face the sky. SUPER SUPER SUPER FUN.

Gyro Spin: 4/5

I didn’t expect much from this ride, but it was actually pretty fun! Not that exciting that Gyro Swing, but it did made my heart jump when it descend from each end.

Viking Ship: 4/5

Similar to many other viking ships at other themeparks, so not much comment hehe.

Image credit: Karainseoul

Comet Express: 5/5

This is an indoor styled roller coaster, but the creative part of this ride is that your ‘seats’ can spin 360 degrees, and together with the speed, it really make your heart rate go up. 😀

6. Marvel at the design of the park

I really liked the layout and design of the whole theme park. The castle in the middle gives the place a fairytale atmosphere.

7. Look out for the random performances

While lining up for the pirate ship, suddenly we heard a bunch of noise and music. Was pretty lucky to stumble upon one the many random performances by the park. Animal mascots, men in stilts and tricycles, girls and boys in costume all came out to hype up the atmosphere.

7. Caterpillar ride for an amazing night view of Lotte World

Although the ride is slow and boring, but you get to see the theme park come to life at night. I think it’s the perfect ride to end the whole experience here at Lotte World.

9. Drop by Lotte Market before heading home!

And one of the most important thing to do is: Get all your snacks from Lotte Market just next door to the park. I literally went crazy, grabbing whatever that I liked. I especially like Market-O biscuits and brownies so do remember to buy these when you are here.


  • Ducky_Kristin says:

    gosh i jst got back from korea. its a shame that i didnt get to spend alot of time there and it was hella crowded. i was able to ride gyro drop i must say it ended too fast i grip the handle like my life depended on it lol! and i totally agree on the gyro spin lol in the begining i thought the ride is kinda lame..boy i was wrong when we meet each end and decended. since i didnt get to spend alot of time there and i wasted alot of time waiting in line for the rides and then looking for a place to eat during lunch time… what can i say i'm a genius *not*

  • hai, me and my friends are planning to visit the lotte world, but we are a little confused on the magic pass for all attractions that cost 100
    000 won. Do you know, is that kind of magic pass includes the entrance ticket? or is it seperated. Should we buy the passport pass first to buy the magic pass? Or should we buy only the admission ticket and then buy the magic pass seperately? your answer will be a huge help :)) thanks

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