#review Finally Seeing Results from Elsa Bright Laser Treatment

Tucked in the corner of Times Square, a clinic which specializes in laser treatments stood. What kinda laser you may ask? Nothing serious, just laser that penetrates your skin.

This laser treatment is to…

…tackle this. 🙁 I have no idea my skin was this bad many months ago.

Some of the problems with my skin:
Slight pigmentation (PHEW ONLY SLIGHT)

2. Open pores (SIGH)
3. Freckles
4. Uneven skin tone

I didn’t even know that I have pigmentation on my skin until I went for the consultation! Whaaaaaaaat?

But I do not have acne scars or major problems, so the doctor decided that Elsa Bright laser is the one for me. It literally has no side effects so you can proceed to your everyday life after the treatment. #winriao

Step 1: Cleasing the face

First, the nurse will clean your face thoroughly before the laser treatment. Then they will apply numbing cream.

I have high pain tolerance so Elsa Bright does not really affect me. #strong

Step 2: Laser time!

Powering up Elsa…

Place ultraman eye protector, then the treatment starts.

The easiest way to explain about this is that the laser stimulates collagen from underneath your skin to fix the problems that you have.

Doctor said I can self numb my skin haha. Unfortunately my open pores are pretty serious so I will need more sessions to minimize it. Since I have also freckles, the doctor adjusted the power setting and focused on only that part. The numbers of sessions depend on your skin condition so you might lesser steps than I.

Step 3: Soothing Mask

Then you’ll be escorted to a really cozy room and the nurses will put on another ultraman mask over you. It’s actually a light emited mask as post laser treatment.

Right after soothing mask, never felt so clean before, must go out show people. HAHA. The whole treatment process takes up roughly an hour. I usually fall asleep at the soothing mask step heh.

Since this was my 3rd time already, I became really close to the people there and it felt more like a friendly visit to your friend’s clinic than a serious-okay-this-is-a-proper-appointment kinda thing.

This was taken after the second laser treatment. So much difference pl0x.

3 days after my 3rd laser treatment, and no #vscocam filter hahaha. Only natural lighting.

Complexion seem to more even, although pores are still noticeable. Oh yeah, my double eyelid by Me Clinic (also!!) look like this nao after 2 months.

Ever since I took up this treatment, I became #hardworkingching as well. Every morning I’ll be putting sunblock on my face before going out so that it’ll help the post laser treatment.

Cannot wait for my pores to minimize! Must.have.patience.must.have.patience. If you’re interested, go and have a consultation okays? And Buy 1 Free 1 skin laser treatment promotion is still ongoing till 16th February. Just mention ‘Chee Ching’ to get this!

Me Clinic

Tel: 03 2143 3866
Whatsapp: 018 222 8122
Website: meclinic.com.my
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