10 Restaurants & Cafes to Try in Seoul

Spending one week in Seoul means stumbling upon cafes and restaurants.

치르치르 Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

We searched high and low for Mammoth BBQ at Hongdae and still we did not managed to find it. And somehow we managed to stumble upon this chicken place at the corner of Hongdae.

Completing the experience was this ingenious chicken eating tool and chicken feet prints on the table.

The place was packed to brim with both locals and foreigners so at that moment I knew that we stumbled upon a correct restaurant. This place only serve chicken dishes with a touch of fusion to it.

That corn salad thing on the side is free and unlimited! #auntielailiao“Um, can we have that?” while pointing at the chicken dish on the next table.

“And probably one of this. Crispy classic fried chicken because we want to be safe.

To get here:
Chir Chir Chicken
Hongdae Exit 8
Google map | Website

Mammoth Grillhouse BBQ Buffet

Not wanting to give up on our Korean BBQ Buffet search, we decided to go to Sinchon area as they have another branch here.

“Don’t tell me cannot find again ah.”
“But Google Maps say it’s here!”

My friend and I actually walked pass the restaurant multiple times.

“IT’S UP THERE! How come you two cannot see one?!”

Ascended to the restaurant happily.

This is a 11,000 won korean BBQ buffet.

That’s like RM36 for all-you-can-eat meat! My friends were deprived of meat so this was probably one of the best dinner for them. They have also salads, pastas, oden (!!!) and other side dishes to complement your BBQ. Water is on the house but you can also buy soju or fruit juices.

To get here:
Mammoth Grillhouse
Sinchon Exit 1, 300metres walk

School Food

Wanna know what college or school kids in Korea eat? Eat at School Food.

Curry Katsu Ramen

Spam Mari! Super femes one.

Beef fried rice

The food has nothing to shout about, but I would totally visit here if I needed some comfort food.

To get here:
Myeongdong Branch
M Plaza
Myeongdong Exit 6, 3 minuts walk
Google MapsWebsite

Brick Oven New York Pizzeria

So apparently, one of us got sick of kimchi. So we went for western food for lunch. How can anyone get sick of kimchi right?

Brick Oven New York Pizzeria is located in Gangnam, and it is american pizza at its best. Even the waitress is from US lolol so we get to speak English to her without much problem.

We ordered New Yorkers pizza for 32,000 won (OMERGAD RM105) and thank god the topping were pretty generous.

To get here:
Brick Oven New York Pizzaria
Gangnam Station Exit 11
Google Maps | Facebook

Myeongdong Kyoja

Lining up for a restaurant that only serves noodles and kyoja. Why would we do it?

Because they have the most amazing dumpling evar!

Pair it up with handmade noodles and kimchi, your dinner will be perfect. No wonder so many locals eat here as well.

To get here:
Myeongdong Kyoja
Myeongdong Station Exit 8
Google Maps

Passion 5 Bakery & Cafe

Look! Pastry buffet!

I sure do hope it was. But this is just the huge number of pastries and cakes available at Passion 5 in Itaewon. They even have coffee and gelato too. Desserts lover can go crazy here, although you must be prepared to pay at least RM5 for one item kays.


What we had! SO pretty! How to eat? That apple on the right is a cake! A pretty apple shaped cake! OMGGGGGGGG.

To get here:
Passion 5
Hanganjin Station, Exit 3
Google Maps

Jass Cafe

Tucked in the corner of a not so happening alley near Dongdaemun is Jass Cafe.

>We were pretty lucky to have this wonderful cafe near our hostel, so every morning we will drop by and get some coffee before heading out. Coffee is priced reasonably, from 3000 won to 4500 won, and the beans used really suit my taste.

Even had breakfast here on one rainy Saturday and it will really be a place where I can sit for one whole day, doing my work and sipping great coffee. Many workers drop by to takeaway coffee from here too, which is a good thing. 🙂

Finaly hazelnut latter before departing to Incheon. 🙁

To get here:
Jass Cafe
Dongmyo Station, Exit 2
Google Maps

The Banana & Co

There were so many cafes in Gangnam as well that we were spoilt for choices. Ended up at ‘The Banana &a Co.

Mixture of colors and wood. A pretty quirky combination.

Yes I am! Coffee starts from 4500 won onwards, and I think cause it’s in Gangnam. 😛

Lattes again.

To get here:
Banana & Co.
Gangnam Station, Exit 11

Google Maps | Facebook





I cannot get enough of Osulloc seriously. Take all my money!

To get here:
Osulloc Myeongdong
(They have many branches)
Myeongdong Station, Exit 6

Google Maps | Website

Pie Waffle

This is not exactly a cafe, but a small little stall near Hongdae University that sells 1000 won ice cream waffles! The queue was crazy when we got there.

Don’t expect high quality ice cream for 1000 won, but the ice cream reminds of me the ice creams sold by the uncle on his motorcycle that goes around my neighborhood. A little throwback to my childhood with every bite.

To get here:
Pie Waffle
Right in front of Hongik University
Hongdae Station, Exit 9

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