One Day Tour in Jeju Island

We allocated too little time in Jeju unfortunately. And it was the greatest regret. 🙁 But what if you only have a day in Jeju?

Yongmeori Coast

Walk on gorgeous rock formations and be splashed by the blue sea if you’re not careful. Full post about this must-go-place here.

Jeju Soingook Theme Park (Miniatureland)

Visit all the important architectures around the world all in one place, from the Taj Mahal to Basiluque du Sacre-Couer. Miniatureland is opened all year round, and it costs 9000won.Innisfree Jeju House

“Oh legs, you so short.”

Our Jeju homemade sausage + Jeju seaweed noodle soup with fishcake (9500won)

I LOVE THIS PLACE. Not so cheap but healthy food, lush greeneries everywhere, and there’s Osolluc (BEST GREEN TEA PLACE EVAR) right next to the cafe. Super cool place to just have lunch and chill.

Da Vinci Museum

This is probably the best museum I’ve been! Like seriously.

In this museum, you’ll learn about Leonardo Da Vinci and his ideas, and how he evolved from building simple everyday items to giant machinery. He even went as far as studying about the human’s anatomy.

I didn’t know Leonardo Da Vinci is so smart! Almost everything today is built under his foundations and ideas. Amahzing! Da Vinci Museum is opened all year round, and ticket price is 9000 won (RM28).

Jungmun-Daepo Coast

We actually wanted to skip this place because we were not in a mood but Mr Orlando, our driver insisted that we visit this place. Entrance is 2000won. The rock formations here are unique like the ones at Yeongmori Coast, if not better.

But the bad part is that we could go nearer to it and could only watch from the man-made pier. But I was also told that you could actually hike further into the place if you wanna view the formations up-close, which is something I will do when I’m back again.

The weather was pretty good so we spend a good hour there taking stupid pictures of ourselves with the coast hahaha.

Korea’s hottest upcoming boyband was born here as well! This place is superb for photography, and especially people who wants to take #ootd shots.

Typing this post really makes me wanna return to Jeju Island. On the second day I wished we had at least another day at this amazing island.


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