One Day in Jeju: Yongmeori Coast

Because we stayed at Tae Gong Gak, Sylvia hired a cab for us from 9am to 6pm to explore Jeju as public transportation is pretty scarce here. We were given a guide book and map the day before to list down the places that we want to go.

“Why you don’t want to go here?”
“Ah.. um…”
“You must go here!”

And so Sylvia planned our itinerary of the day haha.”Okay off you guys go to Yongmeori. Chop chop! You’ll be late!”

So, we rushed to Yongmeori Coast (용머리해안) which is around 30 minutes drive from Tae Gong Gak. Entrance fee is 2000 won (RM6.20 / USD1.85) and I totally did not expect that it’s gonna be an actual hike across the coastline. The whole place is formed by the cooled lava from Mount Halla’s eruption many, many years ago. Thanks Mount Halla!

“So pretty omg faster help me take a picture of me staring far away”

This place is indeed beautiful. As you trot further into the coastline, the gorgeous rock formations greet you alongside many other enthusiastic tourists. The formations are everywhere, coupled with strange insects that scurries around you. That was the only part that freaked me out haha.

Locals love to eat the fresh sea urchins caught by the amazing ahjumma divers.

The terrain is not smooth, and you might get wet if you are too close to the sea due to the waves. My friend got splashed when he was trying to take pictures ahaha. Be prepared to wear proper shoes before coming here alright?

Exiting Yongmeori made us feel like we’re Indiana Jones, as we need to climb up. Super exciting end to the whole experience. No wonder this place is recommended!

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