I Might Have Scared Someone at Viper Challenge 2014

After a grueling 16km into Viper Challenge, we began to felt hunger. After all, we ran and stumbled over 16 obstacles already.

Then we spotted someone running while enjoying his ice cream bun.

Sorry to the guy we stared at because I think our hunger took over our conscience haha.

Nevertheless, Viper Challenge was a great experience! Spectacular view, adequate water stations, responsive volunteers and medic team, and crazy obstacles which made me realize that I’m still pretty weak haha.

Ramp of Triumph, the last obstacle.

It doesn’t felt like 20.8km at all because the way the obstacles were placed. My upper body strength sucks so bad that I failed 3 – 4 obstacles. Guess I know what I need to train for Viper Challenge 2015 already. D:

Wearing these proudly yo!

See you next March, Viper Challenge!

(And yes, Viper post-depression is real, despite the sore arms and sunburnt face)

P/S: Come join us at Original Bootcamp to conquer Viper Challenge yah? After all, they are the guys who made this amazing event happen! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

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