Staycation at Awan Mulan

“Let’s go for a staycation!”
“Errr… Let’s see which one is not fully booked.”

Stole this from Shyyi haha.

So the 7 of us ended up booking one night stay at Awan Mulan, which is located an hour away from the heart of Kuala Lumpur. To get here is pretty tricky, so you have to rely on the map provided in their website. And because it’s a private property, you have to call the owner to come pick you up at the gate. I slept all the way there unfortunately, but thank god I have awesome friends with awesome navigation skill.

Our villa is really huge, and more than enough for 7 person with- “OMG LOOK HAMMOCK!” – plenty of space to run around.

“Let’s go to the pool! Kamon! Abandon everything!” And we ran to the pools.

The pools here, I give them 1000 likes. It’s heated, and salted so that you don’t feel the burn in your eyes. The pools are opened 24 hours so you can come anytime, even at the wee hours!

Plus, you get a nicest view ever, especially when the sun is setting so you can swim to the edge of the pool and get a pretentious shot like this haha. I could practically soak here whole day.

The whole place is equipped with all the kitchen necessities so you don’t have to bring anything except the food you want to eat. The owners were really accommodative too, as we forgot to bring butter and honey, and they gladly gave us theirs. T_______T

The next morning was even better. I woke up to this.

And this.

And this (Breakfast provided by Awan Mulan owners).

Ah life is good. Let me be with the nature!

Also bear in mind, connection is super limited here, which is a good thing. If you book via their Facebook page, you get 5% discount!

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