Best Places to View Danang

Since Danang has river, mountains and beaches all in one place, where will be the best place to view and take panorama pictures for your Facebook (Heh heh)?

Sky36 Bar
Highest bar in Vietnam

Ohhh look at the pretty Danang city overlooking Han River!

Sky36 Bar is located on top of Novotel Hotel, and I took this picture at the 36th floor!

The journey up to the bar was pretty fun as you can see the city through the elevator. And one of the best part of this place is that it’s a smoke-free zone hallelujah!

Bana Hills

“Legend has it… this place is originally named as Banana Hill due to the abundance of bananas found here.”
“Oh then what happened?”
“But we Vietnamese likes to skip some syllabus so we call it Bana Hills now.
“Not sure if the legend is real, or our tour guide was just messing around with us lolol.

To get to Bana Hills, you need to take 2 cable car rides, and 1 tram ride to get to where the attractions are. The view up is magnificent, as you are surrounded by greeneries and mountains. I had to stand up and position my camera out from the cable car for this shot okayyyy.

Once you’re up there, you can feast your eyes on a lot French-y architectures.

Take pictures with really beautiful flowers with giant Buddha (Yes you can visit it) at the background…

… or come to this place that came out from Final Fantasy…

But! Skip the buffet spread, it’s not that great.

Boat Ride to the Dragon Bridge

At only 50,000 dong (RM7.20/USD2.36) per person, you can hop on a tourist boat for a ride to the Dragoonnnnn Bridge at the Han River!

This might look like a lizard from far, but do not be fooled!

Credits to Color Kinetics because my camera cannot perform at night gah!!

Because as you inched closer, it’s a magnificent dragon!

Charizard (Yes I gave him a name) spits fire and water every Saturday at 9pm sharp!

Ala Carte Hotel

And if you want to see more of Danang’s beach, sea and also the city, come to Ala Carte Hotel!

But remember don’t freak out like this guy when you are swimming at their infinity pool yeah?

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