A Little Bit About Danang, Vietnam

Went on a 4 days 3 nights trip to #dazzlingdanang last month with AirAsia and it was pretty unforgettable. Mainly, cause I did my first half marathon all the way in Vietnam, and drank so much coffee I was hyper the whole time.

Danang is one of Vietnam’s major port city and is the 5th largest city, with plenty of land and space so you will not feel congested. Danang has 2 climate, wet (September – March) and dry season (April – August). It rained at some important part of the trip so I was pretty dejected. :'(

Water salute by Danang Airport for our inaugural flight!

AirAsia flies to Danang 4 times weekly, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday so the best weekend retreat is to go on a Friday and return on Monday! Woohoo!

First impression of Danang is that they don’t have a lot of skyscrapers, which makes the city look really humble, yet developed. Sometimes, you just feel comfortable being at a certain place and I feel that in Danang. Perhaps I should just come here and open an art studio since they have so many space and land hahaha.

Danang have beaches. Beaches almost everywhere. Famous ones include Mykhe Beach (Also known as China Beach) and Non Nuoc Beach.

I am not a big fan of beaches (Because of the heat haha) but… Oh look at that clear blue sky. The sand felt really, really soft and it doesn’t hurt at all. Almost wanted to roll around on it but have to take care of my image.

Mykhe beach have a mini playground for adults kids too! WHEEE let’s go higher!

Danang also have mountains. Gorgeous ones that you can hike and admire from far…

I only have one proper picture of Han River but I want to keep it for the next post so this gotta suffice first okay hahaha.

… and Han river, which stretches across the city. And on the river, there are bridges like a- fire breathing dragon on their bridge. Who can say no to a fire breathing dragon right?

This classic Vietnamese dish called the Amazing Banana Blossom salad is complete love! Give me 10 plates! Give me all the banana skin! If you are ever here, you must try this besides the usual Pho!

And of course, when in Vietnam, we drink amazing Vietnamese coffee! Price ranges from 15,000 dong (MYR2.30/USD0.71) to 20,000 dong (MYR3.00 / USD0.95) per cup in Danang. I could not get enough of Vietnamese coffee zomgbbq.The next few posts will be on some attractions and places to go in Danang, so stay tune yeah? 😀

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