#wallpaper Baby Groot in Winter

So last weekend, I went and watch Guardians of the Galaxy! The movie was really good, well anything by Marvel is good in my opinion. Haha! It was so funny and exciting at the same time, but one character really took my heart away!

I am Groot!

He is such a lovable character and although his only words are ‘I am Groot’, somehow I felt that he was the best character in that movie heh heh. When he turned into a baby, I knew I had to create a wallpaper. I just have to.

So, presenting, Baby Groot during wintertime! πŸ˜€

The way he danced in the end was adorable to the max!

Download here ‘We are Groot’!

And if you’re using it, send me a picture at my Facebook page yeah? πŸ˜€

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