5 Cafes to Hop in Bangkok

I went to Bangkok 2 weeks ago to give a presentation about Big Blog Exchange for Hosteling International Conference! πŸ˜€ But because the presentation only took a few hours of my time, I went cafe hopping around Phrom Pong and Thonglor area myself. The coffee scene in Bangkok is huge, and boy was I impressed!

I walked to find these cafes because I am poor adventurous liddis!

Roast Coffee and Eatery
Seen Space Building, Soi 13, Thonglor
Weekdays – 10:00 to 22:00, weekends – 09:00 to 22:00

From Thonglor BTS, head to Sukhumvit 55 and just walk straight. Turn left at Soi 13, and continue walking till you see the SeenSpace building. Roast is located on the second floor.

Roast is a full fledged eatery, with coffee and brunch choices in the morning, and wine selections at night. The establishment is huge, and there’s plenty of room for everyone. Plus, you get to purchase coffee related items and merchandizes.

My reverse engineered ice espresso was amazing, and reading their menu was like reading a well designed magazine. I like how they are so thoughtful in the layout, design and content. I would definitely return here again.

After You

J Avenue, Soi 13, Thonglor
Daily – 11:00 to 00:00

Located just opposite Roast, is After You, a popular dessert place in Bangkok. This particular outlet is the original one, having expanded to other parts of Bangkok. I actually stumbled upon this as I was walking around waiting for Roast to be opened.

After You has a typical modern and cozy interior without all the hipster lighting and decoration thing haha. I particularly love their logo though.

With no prior research on what to eat, I ordered banana and chocolate pancake, which I shouldn’t have. The portion is really generous but the fluffy was drizzled with too much chocolate and whipped cream that it was not fluffy anymore.

However, the must-be-ordered here is the Shibuya Toast which apparently sends you to desserts heaven haha.

Bar Storia Del Caffe
Eight Thonglor (It’s a mall!), Sukhumvit 55, Soi 8, Thonglor
Daily – 10:00 to 20:30

Bar Storia is located inside Eight Thonglor Building, alongside many eateries and cafes. You can also purchase vintage items at a mini store beside the cafe. Eight Thonglor will be on your right as you walk along Sukhumvit 55.

While lacking in size compared to other cafes, Bar Storia makes up for vintage decoration and beautiful plating and cutleries. Bar Storia also boasts amazing coffee and pastries, although the selection is pretty limited.

I resorted to a simple ice lemon tea and butter croissant to spend the day, but I will definitely revisit for the coffee as Bar Storia serves one of the best coffee around Bangkok. The magazines selection is a delight, especially when there’s Kinfolk.

Casa Lapin x26
Sukhunvit 51, Soi 26 from Phrom Pong BTS
Daily – 07:30 to 22:00

Just a short walk away from Phrom Pong BTS, Casa Lapin x26 is nested together with One Day Hostel and Co Working Space. Casa Lapin x26 is by far the biggest outlet, and they have 2 more outlets near BTS Ari and Thonglor (Which is near Roast by the way).

With cute baristas and quaint decorations, I wanted to spend whole day here. This will be the perfect place to work in my opinion. :’) You can either choose to sit inside with its rustic interior, or outside with comfortable seats and flowers.

Iced latte is commendable, and I had so much fun exploring the cafe. Even the toilets were decorated with taste!

Ceresia Coffee Roasters
Sukhumvit 33,Β 
Tuesday to Sunday – 08:00 to 18:00

Only opened last year, Ceresia is a small establishment in Phrom Pong, amongst many Japanese restaurants and shops. From Phrom Pong BTS, take Exit 1 and turn into Sukhumvit 33/1, walk for around 100 metres and Ceresia will be on your right opposite Fuji Supermarket.

The place is not very big, and there’s limited tables. However, the place was packed with people when I got there. The place is decorated in simple shades of beige and wood giving it a cottage-like field.

The baristas in Ceresia is very knowledgable about the different types of coffee and will not hesitate to offer the best beans to customers. I ordered a carrot cake but it’s forgettable, so come to Ceresia for the coffee! πŸ™‚

Have you been to any of these cafes? There were more cafes on the list but would require more time ah. Anyone wanna go for a cafe exploration journey in Bangkok? Haha.

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