The #UpsideDown World

This is a sponsored post (*^▽^)/

There lived a girl who was quite particular about her coffee
at times. Sometimes she love having black coffee, with nothing added, and at
times when she have that urge to satisfy her sweet tooth, she will go for the
sweeter version.

On one particular
night, she decided to give #LatteCaramel a try.

Was she
Why is she chasing
some evenly roasted coffee beans? Where are they going? How can she fit into
that place?

She gulped another
cup of #LatteCaramel and walked through the path.
And to her surprise,
everything was Upside Down!

A slight euphoric
feeling overcame her, and she wondered how could this coffee be so different?

That night she realized that the new #LatteCaramel coffee is
made from evenly roasted coffee beans, and it has no bitterness or harshness to
it at all.
Oh and the coffee beans told her a little secret too! If you submit an InstaVideo or Vine video from 30th June to 13th July, you can win a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo too.
Please don’t laugh at my lame attempt because I know that you
guys can do much better hahaha.
So, if you could turn your world upside down, what would you


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