[Review] Terrorizing Tune Hotel, KLIA2

The closest hotel to the new KLIA2 airport is the newly opened Tune Hotel, which is just a 10 minute walk via a linked bridge from the airport. 5 minutes if you walk as fast as me bwahaha.

The lobby is very modern for a Tune Hotel standard, and you can see flights departure and arrival times at the lobby itself. You can also self check in AirAsia flights here as well, which will definitely give you more time to stroll around the HUGE KLIA2. Heh.

I loved the high ceiling, and color scheme, and I’m not sure if the couch is new or what but it’s super comfortable to just laze around and look at KLIA2 at the far end hahaha. I’m a sucker for nice interior designs and I approve!

Check in process was fairly simple and quick, and off I go to room 416!

Moving away from the conventional pay per use concept of the other Tune Hotels, all room rates are inclusive of WiFi, Towel and Toiletries (!!!), Aircon (Phew) and TV. πŸ˜€ Double room only starts from RM150 onwards, which are perfect for backpackers like me.

I am sucker for these kinda shower heads hahaha. The bathroom is fairly small, with a bar of soap and small bottle of shampoo, so advisable to bring your own if you are fussy heh.

There’s a huge mirror in the room where you can take pictures like the above before heading to a Pajama Party too hahaha. I borrowed the onesie from a friend for a Tune Hotels Pajama Party just for the fun of it. πŸ˜›

I really had a good night sleep (Or maybe because I was too tired from running around in a dinosaur onesie at the Tune Hotels Pajama Party) and no complains at all for a basic hotel. πŸ™‚ No breakfast is provided but you can always eat at KLIA2.

Speaking of KLIA2, is this a mall or airport? Gasp. But I cannot wait for my next travel plans so I can truly experience this new airport! Food are pretty expensive here, so if you are looking to save some money, just head to fast food restaurants or Jaya Grocer huhu.


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