Lasered My Face For The First Time Pew Pew Pew

Last Monday was the day I did something to fix my pores! Went to Face Factor at Publika for something called Clear and Brilliant laser treatment!

I don’t really have problems with my skin, except those pesky pores. Urgh.

I was expecting some badass laser zapping away my pores actually heh.

I never really understood how laser works. But the doctor told me that this Clear + Brilliance is a Permea laser which penetrates the skin to create more openings for good things to go in. Sounds good to me.

“We are going to try low first, and if you can take it, we will go to medium”.

“Bring it on!”

“So can I go to medium?”


I was actually quite happy during the process haha. Good skin here I come. But the moment she moved to the more sensitive area such as the forehead, and the space between your nose and lips, I wished it will be over quickly. I felt that my Strabismus surgery was less painful than this haha.

After the treatment, a layer of serum is applied. Best feeling ever. My skin was pretty tense, and a little bit swollen. The redness was gone after a few hours which is a good thing. 😀

I was glowing lolol.

The next day, a layer of dried skin enveloped my face, and it will take a few days to subside. But I approve lasering your face! My skin felt better after that layer was tore off.<

Although I’m not sure if I will go again because the price is pretty steep. 🙁

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