Such Steep Steps at Inuyama Castle!

Located only 15 minutes walk from Inuyama Station, lies Inuyama Castle, which is one of the twelve original castle available in Japan. Inuyama Castle is also the oldest, surviving castle.

Here’s a picture I got off the net in its full glory.

Because when I got there, it was under construction. T______T

To navigate the inner secrets of Inuyama Castle, you need to take off your shoes. And boy was it chilly when I stepped on the castle floor. The castle is a little small compared to its other counterparts, but this is as authentic as a Japanese castle can be.

And then, with your chilly feet, you need to climb the stairs. But the stairs are really steep (But not as crazy as Angkor Wat) and the elderly and children might face some difficulties.

View from the second floor at an unopened window. Remember to search for these windows so you get a very awesome view outside hehe.

The castle was pretty packed with locals and tourists alike, but it was good fun. Imagine this is a REAL castle that castle lords used to stay, and samurais guarded him here from the outside danger. Freaking cool!

And as you defy gravity, Kiso River awaits you at the top floor. A little balcony is available for you to walk around the castle and marvel at its view.

I was shooting a short video while walking around it and I was so afraid I will fall. #soparanoid

And if you have time to spare, drop by at Sanko Inari Shrine where you could make a little wish and see how local prayers are being done.

It was great fun walking around the town with other locals and trying their snacks. Inuyama is relatively a quiet place so you can really take your time and explore around before heading to your next destination! 🙂

Inuyama Castle

Opening Hours
900 to 1700 (Last entry at 1630)
Closed from 29th to 31st December

How to Get Here
Only 15 to 20 minute walk from Inuyama station. I would recommend you guys to walk as you get to see other things along the way to the castle.

Admission Fees
500 yen (RM16)

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