Shirakawa-go, The Village with Gassho-Zukuri Houses

Constructed like the hands in prayer, the farmhouses have stood on the grounds of Shirakawa-go for more than 250 years. Because of its unique architecture, Gassho houses are able to withstand harsh winters.

Omigachi is Shirakawa-go’s main attraction where the farmhouses are turned to museums, restaurants and minshuku where I recommend everyone to stay the night at this UNESCO world heritage site! 😀

The best place to take amah-zing bird eye pictures of the gassho houses is from the Shiroyama Viewpoint on top of the hill where you need to walk 15 minutes or take a bus for 200yen (RM6.50) from the Shirakawa-go bus stop.

Not sure if I fail at jumping or the cameraman failed. Heh heh.

Look ma! Gassho house!

Gassho houses are quite huge, and it’s attic under the roof are usually used to rear silkworms back in the days.

Walking around Omigachi village was really fun! To get here, you just have to cross a footbridge across the river and immerse yourself with the traditional lifestyle and of course, the gassho-zukuri houses.

It’s like music to my eyes.

Shirakawa-go is such a fun place;

And so beautiful at the same time.

Opening Hours
Shops usually closes after 1700 so be there early! 🙂

How to Get Here

To get to Shirakawa-go from Takayama, grab a return Nohi Bus ticket from Takayama bus station for 4300 yen (RM140).Or if you like to go for day trips instead, join a bus tour that costs 3800 yen (RM125). iSite Takayama offers many day trip options for travelers like us.

Admission Fees
Gassho-zukuri museums entrance fees are only 300 yen (RM10).

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