5 Things You Need to do in Nagoya

Nagoya is Japan’s fourth most populated city, and there are plenty of things to do in this city. Here’s the top 5 things that you need do in Nagoya city!

1. Eat this Unagi Rice.

Nagoya is famous for its Unagi, so it is a must to eat this unagi rice (Hitsumubashi)! One of the most famous shop is Atsuta Horaiken and it is only 7 minute walk from Tenma-cha subway station. Prices at these different shops that you can go to starts from 1550 yen (RM51).

Hitsumubashi is Nagoya’s local traditional meal, and it is a bowl of grilled eel on a bed of rice, and there are different ways to devour it. I like to mix everything together and just attack the thick pieces of eel muahahaha.

2. Check out the Spaceship Aqua at Oasis 21

Oasis 21 is a futuristic looking facility with a huge water-flowing roof that is very environmental friendly at Sakae. The glass roof is named Spaceship Aqua! Oasis 21 accommodates Nagoya’s highway buses terminal, as well as many shops and restaurants, and is the main landmark of Sakae District.

Take the escalator up to the Spaceship Aqua and be prepared to see the Nagoya TV Tower…

And also a breathtaking view of Sakae cityscape.To get here, take Higashima Line to Sakae Station.

3. See how Toyota Automobile started.

Did you know that Toyota used to be Toyoda and it started with developing weaving mills before going into automobile industry? At Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology has around 4000 original items that brings you through their history.

The best part of this museum is watching how cars are being made by the huge machinery and robots! πŸ˜€

Admission fees is only 500yen (RM16) is it is opened daily from 9.30pm till 5.00pm and is closed every Monday, and every major holidays. The museum is the first stop from Nagoya station when you take the 200yen (RM6.50) Meguru bus. Or you can walk 20 minutes from the station.

4. Stumble into handsome samurais at Nagoya Castle.

Fancy stumbling into handsome samurais that are sent to protect the notable Nagoya Castle? πŸ˜€

Nagoya Castle opens from 9.00am to 5.00pm daily, and entrance fees is only 500yen (RM16). The castle grounds are pretty breathtaking to walk around, and with the reconstruction going on, it will be quite soon where visitors can truly relive the Nagoya Castle legacy.

To get here, just stop at the Shiyakusho (City Hall) stop via train or the Nagoyajo Seimon-Mae stop if you are taking the bus!

5. Shop everything at OSU Shopping District.

Saving the best for last, OSU Shopping District! This awesome place is located in the center of Nagoya City. From Nagoya station, just take to Osu Kannon on the Tsurai line to get to this shopping haven!

Osu Kannon have super a lot of cheap stuff to buy from clothes, shoes, accesories, cameras, tyres (?), food, coffee, everything is here! Alice sells really cute accesories, trench coats at shops going for RM100+, CouCou is a 150 yen shop where there are super nice stuff! Komehyo is also the biggest second hand store in Japan as well!

On the every 18th of the month, there will be vintage flea market at this shopping district. T______T

So anyone of you heading to Nagoya anytime soon? Be sure to go to all these places okay! πŸ˜€

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