10 Things That I’ve Learned From My Maiden Trip to Japan

Opt for the Ryokan style room at least once when you are in Japan. Very authentic experience. 😀 Free green tea which you can brew yourself provided heh. Every hotel in Japan also provide you with at least a yukata or sleeping robe so you do not have to bring any sleeping clothing. Hotels in Japan also charge per head, not per room.

Try the Onsen. Indoor or outdoor. Go naked.

There are no free wifi everywhere! T____T Most hotels only give you WiFi at the lobby. Best bet is to rent a wireless router or buy a simcard at the airport when you arrive if you really need WiFi.

SASHIMI AND MAGURO. Eat them. They melt in your mouth. And you must also eat the unagi (broiled eel) rice in Nagoya too!

We’ve heard of Wagyu or Kobe beef, but have you heard of Hida beef? Hida beef is top grade beef only raised at Gifu Prefecture. So open up your appetite and tease your tastebuds with these wonderful marbled textured beef if you go to Takayama or anywhere in Hida district. I practically had rainbows spurting out from my mouth when I ate it.

SNOW. I LOVE SNOW. SNOW IS THE BEST. From Nagoya take Shinhotaka Ropeway to experience fluffy snow and negative cold weather haha. It is as pretty when it is not snowing as well. Or just head to Shirakawa-go for more fun!

BUY ALL THE KITKATS. They have different flavored kitkats at different region of Japan! Green tea kitkat can be found everywhere, and one box of 12 costs up to 840yen (RM28).

After you spent all your money on kitkats and chocolates and you need to save money on food, get Onigiri or other food stuff from their convenience stores!

Wasabi is big in Japan. Coca-Cola had to change to green colour to advertise at Daio Wasabi Farm, which is Japan’s biggest wasabi farm ever!

And finally, automatic toilet rocks!

Thank you AirAsia X and Japan National Tourism Organization for the fantastic time in Nagoya and Japan!

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