They Moved Megastructures to Meiji Mura Museum!

Just half an hour away from Nagoya, is Inuyama {Inu (dog) yama (mountain)}, a city in the Aichi Prefecture. Inuyama hosts Meiji Mura, a famous open-air architectural museum. It takes almost half a day to explore the whole place, so come early!

To get to Inuyama, just take the Meitetsu direct train from Nagoya Station for only 540 yen (RM17). The journey only takes 30 minutes.

I thought I could see how my Hello Panda is made.

When I saw in the itinerary that we’ll be going to Meiji Mura museum, I thought we are going to the Meiji snacks museum hahaha. Which, of course I was wrong.

Kikasato Institute (1915) at the distance

Famous buildings from 1868 – 1912 around Japan are relocated to Meiji Mura for preservation and exhibition purposes. There are over 60 historical buildings that were relocated here. Imagine transporting BUILDINGS and make it as a museum. I was so impressed!

Head office of Kawasaki Bank which was too huge to be transported, hence only 1/8 of it.

Meiji Mura’s goal is to preserve historical examples of western architectures mixed with Japanese construction techniques and materials and to also see the transition of the buildings.

Ride the steam locomotive trains around the village!

Buildings are not the only mega structures that are being relocated. Steam locomotive trains, bridges, and even lamps are being preserved. 😀

And if you want to get married in Japan, come here!

There are so many good spots for pre wedding photography as well. Apparently, there are many young Japanese couples that get married at this St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral which had Gothic influence. This structure is magnificent that I want to get married here too heh.

Other attractions include Kanazawa Prison, Uji Yamada Post Office where you can send future letters to yourself and many others! However, the most notable structure here would be the Imperial Palace.

Meiji Mura Museum
Opening Hours
930 to 1700 (1600 from November to February). Try not to go on Mondays.

How to Get Here
After reaching Inuyama station, transfer to a Meitetsu bus to Meiji Mura for 410 yen (RM13). Bus rides take 20 minutes.

Admission Fees
1600 yen (RM50) + 500 yen (RM16) if you want to ride the tour bus in the museum. But I would recommend you guys not to ride the bus as walking is far better cause you get to see everything hehe.

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