Nabana No Sato Illumination: The Prettiest Winter Light Show Ever

Seven million LED lights are lighted up at Nabana no Sato Winter Illumination with the theme nature. When I first knew about Nabana no Sato, I was so eager to experience it for myself.

LED lights infused with the garden

Nabana no Sato is a botanical garden turned into this spectacular exhibit every winter, and attracts millions of people every year. I don’t see why they don’t. Located at Kuwana at Mie Prefecture, it is only a 30 minute bus ride from Nagoya city.

I thought this was pretty cool when I first saw it.

But as I walked through the garden, everything became more beautiful. It was so much fun walking through albeit the cold. The amount of effort put into Nabana no Sato makes me want to be part of the team that made this possible haha.

But nothing prepared me for the epic tunnel of lights.

It was really hard to take a picture as there were throngs of people being mesmerized as the tunnel haha.

Who can hate this place, whooooo?!

The magical place doesn’t end here. As I exit the tunnel,  Mount Fuji awaits me!

But it’s not a normal Mount Fuji, it’s a Mount Fuji that moves across the 4 seasons!


Nabana no Sato
Opening Hours
1700 to 2100 (And 2200 on weekends and March). Nabana no Sato runs for 4 months from November till March.

How to Get Here

From Nagoya Station, get a bus from Meitetsu Bus Centre which costs 1700 yen (RM55) return and it takes 30 minutes to get there. Remember to get the return bus schedule from the station as well.

Admission Fees
2000 yen (RM65) which includes 1000 yen (RM32.50) where you can use in-store for food and beverages.


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